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A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


CO: So, last time, Anne Maria got switched to my team. I don't know her that well, which is bad. But...I wonder what would have happened if Jo switched. Anyway, Chris is gone too. I just...hope Sam will be okay.

-end confessional-

As you all enter the mess hall, who are you talking to?

A: Anne Maria – Get to know your new teammate

B: Brick – What's his plan to deal with the Maggots?

C: Dawn – Discuss team strategy with the new member

D: Dakota – Ask her why she made Anne Maria switch instead of Jo

E: Jo – Warn her about her treatment of Brick

F: Mike – Wait...where is Mike?

G: Zoey – Something's troubling her, and it seems to be Jo-related...

"Hey, Zoey.", you say as you enter the mess hall with her.

"Oh my gosh! Hi CO!", Zoey says.

"I'm soo hungry! Chef's food has got me starving for pizza rolls or something.", you say.

"I know, right? There's this gorgeous Indie theater on the other side of town, and I'm missing it so much! It's always peaceful.", she says.

"Aww, do you go with your friends?", you ask.

"N-No. I tried to take my ex-boyfriend once, but he's not interested in the same things as me.", you ask.

"What about friends? Or your parents?", you ask.

"Yeah, my parents don't like Indie theater either. And, um, I don't have any friends.", Zoey says.

"Oh, sorry. Tell me about your ex-boyfriend!", you say, trying to help her feel better.

"Um, we don't need to talk about him. He's...a bad person.", Zoey says.

"Oh my gosh. Are you okay? You seem uncomfortable lately.", you say.

"It's just...Jo. That's all.", Zoey confirms.

"What about her? Her fake tough attitude?", you ask.

"No, she just never listens to my suggestions.", Zoey replies.

"Is that so? Why don't you say them?", you ask.

"Oh, no one wants to hear from me...", Zoey says.

"Of course they do!", you ask.

"I, um, I really should get everyone's approval first...", Zoey says, almost calling Dakota.

(I need to say just the right thing to her. She really needs a confidence boost.)

A: "You're a friendly and indepedent lady. You don't need approval!"

B: "I think you should stand up for yourself and show Jo who's boss!"

C: "Your opinions have just as much value as anyone else's."

D: "Well, that's your decision. Good luck with that."

"I know that...", Zoey says.

"Then what's stopping you?", you ask.

"It's not like Jo wants to hear it anyway. She wants Mike eliminated next...", Zoey says. You're not too surprised to hear this – Jo can't manipulate Mike as much as she can the others.

"Then you should tell her. Who made Jo team leader anyway?", you ask.

"B-But you have to admit, she's the strongest person on the team. We wouldn't have our winning streak without her.", Zoey explains.

"That is true. She's a great competitor. But we all know she has a vulnerable side. Use it to your advantage and save Mike.", you reply.

"'re right!!", Zoey says.

"Just one more thing...", you say.

"Of course! Anything! I can really trust you, CO.", Zoey says.

"Why do you think your opinion doesn't matter?", you ask.

"Well, um, you know...", Zoey says, beginning to stutter.

"Are you okay?", you ask.

"No, it's just...", Zoey continues.


CO: I can't help but feel sorry for Zoey. No social skills and one of the most awkward people I've met. Maybe she doesn't have any friends back all. I really do want to help her.

-end confessional-

(So many mysteries, which one to uncover?)

Ask Zoey about...

A: Why she doesn't think her opinion matters

B: The story behind her ex-boyfriend

C: Her social life back home

"You can trust me right? Then let me know, why do you think your opinion doesn't matter?", you ask.

"It's just that I feel like I should have everyone's approval. What if I mess up? What if I'm not...liked?", Zoey asks.

(Poor girl doesn't have any friends besides me...)

"But messing up is a part of life! It's how we grow and learn.", you say.

"Thanks, CO. By the way, you think you can deal with Anne Maria?", she asks.

"What do you mean?", you ask.

"She can be stubborn. And tough. I think Jo's glad she's gone, because they had a serious conflict.", Zoey says.

"Wow...I hope I can manage her. I'd hate to be a two person team if we lose again.", you say.

"I'd hate for you to go home too. Try...appealing to her ego.", Zoey suggests.

"You did that? Did it work?", you ask.

"Oh, I would never.", Zoey says.

"I understand. Confidence is something you build up, and you'll get there eventually.", you say. You hear someone panting and running behind you; Sam??

"H-Hey guys! I'm late, aren't I?", Mike says as you reach the mess hall. Phew, it's just Mike.


CO: For a second I thought that was Sam and he was panting because he was hurt...what a relief...

-end confessional-

"Where were you?", you ask.

"You and there...", Mike says. You got it; he was hiding again.

"I missed you.", Zoey says, leaning in for a hug. Mike avoids her, causing Zoey to fall.


"Sorry Zoey! Muscle spasms...and stuff...", Mike says. Zoey dusts herself off.

"Where's the food at?", Jo asks.

"Be patient.", Dawn says.

"Quiet, creepy girl. I need MEAT.", Jo says.

"Look inside your head.", Anne Maria says.

"What's that supposed to mean?!", Jo asks angrily in response.

"She's calling you a meathead.", Dawn replies.

"I KNOW.", Jo shouts.

"Alright, calm down, can't we talk this out over low-cal snacks?", Dakota asks. You all look at her.

"I'm hungry too...", Dakota whines.

"Well, we're not getting anywhere like this. Let's look around.", Brick says.

Who do search with?

A: Anne Maria – Get to know your new teammate

B: Brick – What's his plan to deal with the Maggots?

C: Dawn – Discuss team strategy with the new member

D: Dakota – Ask her why she made Anne Maria switch instead of Jo

E: Jo – Warn her about her treatment of Brick

"Hey, Anne Maria! Wanna help me look around?", you ask.

"Um, sure.", she says.

"What's that bulging out of your hair?", you ask.

"Oh that? That's my hairspray.", Anne Maria says.

"Okay then...", you say.

"I can't eat more of Chef's disgusting slop. I mean, it's great for my girlish figure, but it tastes so bad.", she says.

"I know, right? Man needs to learn how to cook.", you reply. Anne Maria takes out her hairspray and starts spraying, making you cough.

"H-Hey, so how do you feel about being on the Rats now? We're Team Women!", you say.

"Oh, you guys are alright. Better than my team. Two princesses, Man-Woman and Vito.", Anne Maria says.

"So, um, have you seen Vito lately?", you ask.

", not recently. Vito needs to stop pretending to be weirdo quiet Mike and be himself. He's a total babe.", Anne Maria says.

A: "You know that Vito is just one of his characters, right?"

B: "Welcome to Rats team, then."

C: Stay quiet

"Wait, what...? What are you talking about?", Anne Maria asks.

"Yeah, he's an aspiring actor, and 'Vito' is just one of his characters. As weird as that sounds, it's true.", you say.

"B-But, Vito and I kissed. Wait a're trying to get in between us!", Anne Maria says.

"Me...and MIKE? EW!! As if!", you say, disgusted by the thought.

"You can't stand that Vito likes someone as simply hot as me.", Anne Maria says.

"No really Anne Maria, that's not it."

"Y'know what?", Anne Maria says, leaves and then rips off Mike's shirt. Mike takes a deep breath.

"Ayo, what's going on here? Who are these schmucks?", Mike asks. Huh?


CO: That was soon as his shirt came off, he became Vito...

-end confessional-

"Yo, Vito baby.", Anne Maria says.

"Anne Maria, babe, where have you been?", Mike asks.

"I'm right here now, baby.", Anne Maria says, flirting with Mike. You can see Zoey in the corner, seething with anger.

"Before I was sad. Now I'm just mad...", Zoey says, but you can see the sadness in her eyes.

"Hey everyone, I found some food!", Jo yells. Everyone follows her to the meat locker, and you all get in.

"We'll be eating...Meat-sickles?", Brick asks, touching the frozen meat.

"Let's just thaw it out.", Jo suggests. Brick grabs a tray of frozen steaks, but then the meat locker...starts MOVING?

"'Ey, what's goin' on here?!", Mike asks angrily.

"I like the motion...", Anne Maria says. EWW!!! Then, the two start making out. Chef Hatchet opens up a slot, and starts talking to you all.

"Challenge time, suckers!", Chef Hatchet says.

"Chef, where are you taking us?!", Dakota asks.

"You'll see. Hehehe...OW!", Chef says, then getting his finger stuck in the slot.

You all arrive at...the mines??

"Chris ain't here today, so I'll be hosting the challenge. You'll all team up. Brick, Jo and Zoey...Mike and Dakota from the Maggots. Anne Maria and Dawn from the Rats.", Chef says.

"You mean I'm all alone?!", you exclaim.

"Is there a PROBLEM, maggot?!", Chef shouts.

"Actually she's a Rat.", Dawn says.

"SHUT UP, CREEPY GIRL!", Chef exclaims.

Argue with Chef?

A: Yes, why should I have to go at it alone?

B: No, I can do this myself

"Uh, yeah, there's a problem. The maggots get teams and I'M stuck alone?! That's not FAIR.", you shout at Chef.

"DEAL with it.", Chef shouts back at you.

"No, I will NOT 'deal with it'.", you shout.

"Then what do you want me to do about it?!", Chef exclaims.

"We'll WORK as a team. You'll ACCEPT my terms. And you won't ARGUE with me about it.", you say firmly, stepping to where Anne Maria and Dawn stood. Chef glared at you...but then stared at you with a look that almost seemed like...respect.

"Fine then, Rats work as a team. ANY MORE QUESTIONS?!", Chef states. None.

"Good, then we can move on. Take these backpacks.", Chef says. He gives you and everyone else these really heavy packs. Then, he gives you some arm bands.

"These will track your exposure to toxic waste. Right now, you have none. However, if it turns orange, it means you have fifteen minutes left to live. When it turns red, five minutes. If it turns black...we'll dedicate this episode to you.", Chef says.

"Is this...even safe?! Was it even tested?", Zoey asks anxiously.

"Does it LOOK like I got time for testing challenges like Chris the Sissy?!", Chef exclaims.

"S-Sorry.", Zoey replies.

"Find the Gilded Chris Award from Total Drama Action, and take the mines outta there.", Chef explains.

"What's in this hideous backpacks?", Dakota asks.

"You look in there, and your entire team automatically loses.", Chef says sternly.

"Rude!", Dakota replies. You all run inside the mine, not wanting to waste any time.

"It's so dark down there...", Dawn says, worried.

"It'll be okay. Let's go.", you say reassuringly.

""Ey Vito, who do you like more? My sexiness, or Charlotte?", Anne Maria asks Mike.

"What kinda question is that Annie baby? You're my babe.", Mike replies. Just looking at him was making you sick.

"Anne Maria, focus on the challenge.", you say angrily.

"Alright, alright. They're catching up to us!!", she says, concerned. Dakota was about to catch up and take the mine, and then the flashlights, before your team could!!

What do you do?

A: Try to outspeed Dakota

B: Let Dakota outspeed you

C: Trip Dakota

"Come on, we gotta get to the mines first!!", you shout, trying to run faster than Dakota, who had caught up to you. Dakota seemed to be...moving away from you a bit?


CO: Did Dakota REALLY think I was going to trip her?! In her words: RUDE!!!

-end confessional-

"Come on Princess, get on the mine!", Jo shouts. Dakota turns to you and winks.

"W-What?", you manage to say before Dakota "trips" over a rock, and lets you pass.

(Did she do that...on purpose?)

You quickly climb into the mine, pulling Dawn and Anne Maria in with you.

"NOO!!! What are you doing, pixie dust?!", Jo shouts at Dakota.

"Did YOU run fast enough?!", Dakota argues back. Jo swallows her anger.

"Fair enough. Come on, we have to catch up.", Jo says.

"We can shimmy down the rope!", Brick suggests. After that, the mine had gone too far down, so you couldn't hear them.

"You know that Dakota let you pass because of how much help you gave Sam, right?", Dawn says.

"Wow, Dakota really loves that boy...", you say.

"Yup, it's beautiful, now let's GO.", Anne Maria says.

"Chef says that when it turns orange, we only have fifteen minutes...", Dawn says.

"And when it's red, it's five minutes...", you say.

"And if it turns black...", Anne Maria says. You three gulp.

"B-But don't worry! Team Women can win! We're women in power!", you say.

"Which way should us Women in Power go?!", Anne Maria asks. She picks up her flashlight and shows two tunnels; one going left, and one going right.

A: Take the thinner left tunnel

B: Take the wider right tunnel

(A.N.: Sorry for the delay, I've been rather busy IRL. Also, I have a new prototype I'm working on.)

"We take the one on the left. See the one on the right? It's wider, but it looks like something chewed on it and made it a tunnel. The left one looks like a proper mine.", you say.

"Brilliant...", Dawn says.

"Eh, can't argue with that logic.", Anne Maria says. The Maggots arrive with fireflies in a jar.

"Shh!! Step aside...", Anne Maria says. She draws a line in the dirt pointing to the wrong tunnel. She snatches you and Dawn, and takes you two behind a rock.

"Are you sure about this?", you ask.

"Quiet down. Apology Breath is in the lead, and she's a total numbskull.", Anne Maria whispers. Zoey arrives first, just as Anne Maria predicted.

"Hey, look Dakota! An arrow!", Zoey says. She runs into the wrong tunnel.

"Umm...okay...", Dakota says, following Zoey.

"Come ON Bubble Brain, what are you waiting for?!", Jo asks Mike, who was getting rather tired.

"I'm sorry...I think it's immune system isn't great.", Mike says. Brick jogged behind them and passed them, catching up to Dakota as fast as he could, since she had the light source.

"I need to rest.", Mike says.

"Hurry up, the rest of the team is already behind.", Jo says. Mike sees a hat lying on the ground.

"Hey, I've always wanted a cool hat like this.", Mike says.

"Now is not the time for la-di-da dress up games, we're in the middle of a challenge.", Jo says.

"I wish they would hurry up and go already...", you whisper.

"Come on, just give me a second.", Mike says. He picks up the hat.

"'Ey Sheila, what's hot, mate?", Mike asks.

"Um...Mike?", Jo asks.

"Name's Manitoba Smith. You're one fine lady, aren't ya?", Mike asks.

"Ex-CUSE me? You think I'm...fine?", Jo asks.

"Mmhmm. I've always loved a lady in charge.", Mike says.

(Okay, so first Zoey...then Anne JO? I have a few choice words for 'Mike')

"Well, of course you think I'm sexy, but, we have to GO!", Jo says.

"Alright then.", Mike says. He picks up some dirt and tastes it.

"Left. Come on, then.", Mike says.

"Um, wrong. The others went right. Look at that arrow.", Jo says.

"I see...", Mike says, tasting the dirt around the arrow.

"It was moved recently. The others are tricking us.", Mike says.

"We've gotta warn the others, then!", Jo says, concerned, running ahead.

"W-Wait!!", Mike says, but Jo had already gone ahead.

"About time.", Anne Maria says. The three of you head to the mine carts, and see two paths.

"One goes to the ground, and the other to the water...", Dawn says.

"Well, I don't need to get my hair wet. It's the left one for me.", Anne Maria says.

"But...we should avoid injury. I say we go in the water.", Dawn says. You see Anne Maria's badge turn orange.

"A-Anne Maria! Y-Y-Your's orange!!", you stutter.

"Oh my gosh! I only have like, fifteen seconds to live or somethin!!!", she panics.

"Fifteen minutes.", you correct her.

"Oh. That ain't so bad.", she says, filing her nails. Your badge turns orange too.

"Oh no...", you say.

"We gotta hurry up! CO, make a decision quickly!", Anne Maria says.

"Dawn, why is your badge not orange?", you ask.

"I have an extreme tolerance to things that go against Mother Nature. My body repels it.", she says.

"Enough history talk and character development! We gotta go!", Anne Maria says.

Where do you?

A: The water with Dawn

B: The broken path with Anne Maria

"Sorry Anne Maria, I think I'll go with Dawn on this one.", you say, heading over to the mine cart with Dawn.

"Fine then. Leave the only NORMAL person on the team alone!", Anne Maria says.

"You're welcome to come with us, Anne Maria.", Dawn says.

"Pfft! As if I'd want to.", Anne Maria argues back, offended by you not going with her.

"It's okay, we'll rendezvous over there.", you say, pointing to a pathway on the left, since the right was too closed off and dark to see.

"Oh, okay then. That sounds better.", Anne Maria says, smiling. You all get on the mine carts and set off.

"Wait, what does rendezvous meeeaaan??", Anne Maria shouts, as her voice fades away. You relax in the mine cart.

"When does the track end?", you ask.

"Sooner than you think...", Dawn says, covering her eyes.

"I'm too young to die!!", Dawn shouts.

"And I'm too hot!!", you shout, as you both fall out of the mine cart, straight into the...water?!

"It's okay, we're safe.", Dawn says.

"This water is kinda warm.", you say.

"It is. And relaxing, too.", Dawn adds.

"Okay, we need to meet Anne Maria over there, so let's go. We don't want to waste any more time. Well, you can waste all the time you want I guess. But I can't.", you say, swimming towards the rendezvous point with Dawn.

"Oh, CO, while we're swimming, there's something I should tell you.", Dawn says.

"Sure, anything.", you reply.

"Mike isn't who he seems. He-", Dawn says, before she suddenly becomes silent.

"Dawn?", you ask, looking around. Suddenly, you feel a chill....Dawn was no where to be seen!

"Dawn?? Dawwwwwwwnn?", you shout.


CO: This brings back bad memories of a certain early-season challenge...But I won't be a scaredy cat this time. I...I will rise to the challenge. Just...later...

-end confessional-

What's your next move?

A: Head to the right and find Dawn

B: Head to the rendezvous point and meet Anne Maria

C: Stay put

"Ok CO, be brave. You can get through this.", you say, trying to talk yourself through it. The cave gets darker and damper, and you feel feverish...

(Is this...because of the radioactivity?)

You sit down for a second...just a second. Dawn needs to be saved. Then, you feel something breathing down on you. You point your flashlight at it...and it's a giant GOPHER!!!

You stand up, weak, and start running from it. Eventually, you can't go on since you're so tired. You put your hand on your knees, bent over, and start panting.

"S-Stay back, you BEASTS!", you shout. You feel around the stuff you always carry with you – lip gloss, a thread, a few other things...and that grappling hook!!

What do you do?

A: Keep running until you reach Dawn

B: Sacrifice your grappling hook and escape

(A.N.: Sorry about the delay. I would've updated earlier but I got busy with the wiki fest which was really fun by the way)

(I can't give this up!)

You stand up, knowing that you had to escape that giant gopher until...MORE come!

You decide to get up and keep trying to escape the Mutant Gophers. However, you feel weaker, and then you feel a pain in your side. The cave goes left and right; the right was too dark, and you knew you wouldn't be able to run for much longer, especially in the dark.

You turn left, hoping that someone will be there on the other side. You can hear the Gophers' footsteps thumping behind you, as your heart beat louder and harder, as if it would completely burst out of your chest.

You smell your clothes; you reeked of sweat. You could tell, and so could the mutants.

You keep running, as you yourself notice your speed getting slower and slower, until you can't take it anymore. You look back, on the verge of tears, but not willing to go out without a fight.

"Oh yeah?! You want a fight? I'll GIVE you a fight.", you shout at the Gophers. You hear more footsteps coming from the other side; oh great, more gophers! You were stuck!

"I'm not getting any signal, it's not faaaair!!", someone says.

"Quiet, Da-Moron! Those stupid gophers will hear us and charge right for us.", another person said. You wish you could tell who it was; all the voices were so hazy at this point.

"Great job leading us this way, idiot girl."

"I didn't know that path would get us lost!"

"You're so stupid, you should have known better! It was BITTEN AND CHEWED!!"

"Hey, it's not like YOU could tell either."

"At least I'm not the one who made us get stuck with these NOT SO FRIENDLY animals."

"I said sorry about three dozen times already! What more do you WANT from me?!"

"I don't know, maybe for you to be eliminated?!"


"Hey, lay off her! She's doing the best she can, mate!"

"Quiet, Manidorka! No one asked you. Hush up. It took us long enough to catch up to these losers."

"A'ight, sorry beautiful."

"Mike?! What are you doing?!"

Then, the voices get closer, as you can kind of make out who's talking.

"There are MORE up ahead! I can feel it!", someone says. Okay, that was obviously Mike...right? The accent?

"Great, more to deal with!", someone else says. Jo? Or maybe...Dakota?

"Um, your hat is slipping down. You know what, let me just take it off of you for now.", a male voice says. If it's not Mike, then it must have been Brick. You hear someone gasping for air.

"Wh-What's going on?", Mike asks.

"Uh, we're in the middle of a challenge. And much help YOU were.", Dakota says.

"Huh?", Mike asks.

"Lay off him, he's clearly blinded by his infatuation for me.", Jo says.

"I don't even LIKE you, Jo.", Mike says. Jo scoffs.

"What are you TALKING about? You were fawning all over me just a minute ago.", Jo replies angrily.

"Uh guys, now is REALLY not the time for this.", Brick says.

"AAAAH!!! GIANT GOPHERS!!!", Mike shouts.

"Get off me, I'm not going to carry your sorry butt, Mike.", Jo says, and you think you hear Jo dropping the guy.

"Is that someone up ahead?", Zoey asks.

"It's CO!!! CO!!! HEY!!!", Dakota shouts. You wave back, as the gophers get closer and closer to you. The cave was dark, and there some water dripping from the ceiling.

"CO! We're coming!", Brick says.

"You're gonna save your girlfriend when you can't even save YOURSELF?", Jo asks angrily. Dakota runs madly toward you, flailing her arms until she crashes into you. Dakota trips and punches a gopher in the nose, making it furious.

"Great job, Pop Princess.", Jo says harshly.

"No, look, I think we scared it away....", Brick observes. The gophers backed away.

"Wow! Dakota's got a killer right hook!", Zoey says.

"CO, are you okay? You just saved us!!", Dakota says.

"Me? How did I save us?", you ask.

"It's a good thing you were sitting there.", Dakota explains. Beep. The badges turn red!

"Oh crap guys, we only have five minutes!", Mike says. There was no time to waste, and thankfully, you were getting your second wind!

"Which way do we go?! Where are those statues?!", Jo asks angrily.

Where are those statues?!

A: Go higher

B: Go lower

C: Go left

D: Go right

"Let's go up, guys.", you say.

"The path does escalate over there.", Brick observes.

"Let's go. I think a higher vantage point would work well in our favor.", you say.

"Make it quick, the badges are red...", Jo adds. You all gulp. Jo and Brick, who still had energy in them, went up ahead. Mike tried to follow them, and figure out where you all were, whereas Dakota, Zoey and you lingered in the back, tailing the others.

"Charlotte, are you okay?", Zoey asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine...", you say. Your hair kept falling over your face – lucky Jo, her hair is so short...

"Those gophers roughed you up bad.", Dakota says, moving your hair out of your eyes repeatedly.

"I feel like I'm gonna...faint.", you say.

"Woah! That's not cool! Stay with us, Char. I'll...I'll tell you a story.", Zoey says.

"Urgh...which one?", you ask.

"You wanted to know about my ex-boyfriend, right? I'll tell you about him.", she says.

"H-How did you know?", you asked. You never ASKED her to tell you...

"I studied psychology in school.", she explains.

"Really? I tried to take Advanced Calculus but that, umm, didn't work out.", Dakota says.

"Cool! No one in my school wants to take advanced classes, so the headmaster cut them.", Zoey says.

"That's not really fair...", you say.

"Anyway, the story. It was a year ago. This guy was a jock, and he was really hot. He asked me out one day, and I said yes. After our first date, we became a thing.", Zoey says.

(Doesn't seem to be so bad right now...)

"Then I got increasingly annoyed by his attitude. He was loud, obnoxious, and every day he would come over to my house and make a BIG mess with his friends, all for me to clean up.", Zoey says.

(That is NOT how women should be treated!)

"Sounds like a real jerk.", Dakota says.

"He was. Eventually, I tried to breakup with him. He got really mad because he was being dumped. He grabbed my arm and held it tight, saying that he's not going to be humiliated by me.", Zoey continues. You could feel anger inside you boiling at the thought of this just wanted to punch him where it hurts.

"So then, we continued that pattern. Every day passed, and eventually even my parents, who are always supportive of me, told me to break up with him. One day in class, he gave me all his books to hold, and I just snapped. I don't know, guys, I don't know what came over me. I told him I wasn't going to put up with him anymore.", Zoey says.

"That's great! You stood up for yourself.", you say.

"Yeah, but then the entire school turned against me because of him. So I didn't have any friends. That's why I kinda have a hatred of jocks.", Zoey says.

"I totally understand.", you say.

"So that's the story.", Zoey says with a smile. You stand up straight.

"I can't stand women being treated like know what? I'm happy for you. Even after having no friends, you still came out such a sweet and happy girl.", you say.

"Even if you are a little retro in your style...and not in the good way.", Dakota says.

"You don't like it? Um, I can change it...", Zoey says.

"No need. I think it suits you.", you say.

"Yeah, if she was your mom...", Dakota says.

"Just out of curiosity...why did you tell me this story right now?", you ask.

"That's an easy one! I know what a feminist you are, and that this would give you the boost you needed.", Zoey says with a wink.

(Genius...sacrificing her own privacy on national TV for

"Thanks Zoey, you have no idea how much that means. I feel so fired up right now.", you say.

"Umm, I'm sorry for eavesdropping Zoey but...I would NEVER treat you like that.", Mike says.

"You wouldn't treat her like anything, you'd be too busy making out with everyone else.", Dakota says angrily.

"Huh? What do you mean?", Mike asks.

"When you get in character, you go deeper than you should.", you say bitterly.

"Uhh...oh crap.", Mike says.

"He's not good enough for you, Zoey.", you say.

"W-Wait. I'm sorry. I...I don't know what comes over me. But if you'll give me one more chance, I promise I won't blow it.", Mike says.

"Well...", Zoey says.

"Don't fall for his ACT.", Dakota says.

"But...everyone deserves second chances. Okay, Mike.", Zoey says. Mike seems to be overjoyed.

"Oh my God!! This is HUGE! Thank you SO much, Zoey!", Mike says.

(Aah Zoey, forgiving and naive to a fault...)

"Guys, look.", Brick says in a hushed voice. The cavern opens up, revealing a chair...and several gophers with DAWN in between!

"Oh no...This isn't good...", Mike says.

"You can take your hat back, Mike.", Brick says, and rushes toward the gophers.

"BRICK!!", everyone shouts.

"NEVER LEAVE A FELLOW PEER IN DANGER!", Brick says, charging head-on toward the beasts.

"Oh, nice hat.", Mike says.

"You've been wearing it all day.", Dakota says.

"I have...? Ohhh...I HAVE...", Mike says, seeming as if he's realized something important. He tucks the hat away.

"You ready, gophers! I have a fist with your names on it!", Brick says. The gophers angrily scream.

"Release my friend!", Brick says.

"Oh my! Brick, please stop!", Dawn says. You rush over there to your best friend.

"Dawn, are you okay??", you ask.

"I'm perfectly fine! These nice gophers were keeping me company. It seems Zoey isn't fine though. It looks like someone wrung out her aura and left on the ground...", Dawn says. Dawn was sitting on one of the gophers. You backed away.

"Those things are DANGEROUS.", you say.

"No, they're really quite friendly.", Dawn says. Someone comes in, a dark silhouette.

"Wh-Who's that?", Dakota asks.

"Company...", Jo says, scared. The dark silhouette exposes himself...Ezekiel! From the original cast! He snaps his fingers...and the gophers go wild!

"Run, everyone, run!! They are very loyal to Ezekiel!", Dawn says.

"Hey, what's the big idea, Ezekiel?!", you shout.

"Uh, Chris asked me to do this, brah.", Ezekiel says to you.

"What are you listening to that jerk for?", you ask.

"Contract, eh. Plus he gave me this sweet bling, yo.", Ezekiel brags, showing off his "bling". Everyone ran around, avoiding the gophers and trying to find the Gilded Chris Award. You ran toward the big chair you saw earlier, until Jo tripped you!

"Haha, have fun in the catapult, CharLOSER.", Jo says, as she sped ahead. In your anger, you dashed toward Jo angrily, and tackled her.

(I have to stop her!!)

SPECIAL CHOICE! If your username starts with A-M, answer the first question! If it's N-Z, answer the second question!

1: What do you do now?

A: Punch her

B: Slap her

C: Kick her

2: Then what do you do?

X: Push her into rocks

Y: Tell Dawn to collect award for you

Z: Push her into a mine

"Alright! Jo, my team is NOT losing again.", you say, on top of Jo. Jo struggled to get off you, but there was no way you were going to let Jo - and victory - escape from you this time.

"MOVE, Charlotte!", Jo shouts, grabbing your hair. You switch your position, and then kick Jo right on her face.

"OH F***!!!", Jo shouts, holding her face in pain.

"How do you like me NOW?!", you ask.

"CO, you KICKED my face!! Oww...I hope I don't look too bad...", Jo says.


CO: "I hope I don't look too bad". ...Um...what? Has Jo's sweeter twin replaced her?

-end confessional-

"Dawn, quick, collect the reward!", you shout. You see Dawn running toward the Gilded Chris Award, until Dakota and Mike jump in her way, as Zoey runs toward the Award.

"Dawn, kick them out of the way!", you shout.

"I...I can't! There must be another way.", Dawn says. Huh?? You hear the ceiling cracking, as Jo nearly overpowers you.

(Why can't I be stronger?!), you think, upset with yourself. The ceiling cracks, and Anne Maria falls down, right on Jo!

"Oh my gosh!! Anne Maria!!", you shout.

"Oh, hey.", Anne Maria says, smiling.

"Get OFF me, Tan Gal!", Jo shouts. Dakota, Mike and Zoey turn to see the ceiling collapsing, and Dawn takes the opportunity to seize the Gilded Chris Award.

"Attention campers! Dump your packs immediately and escape, ya maggots!", Chef says. Dakota peeks inside her bag.

"B-BOMBS?!", Dakota stutters. You all shout at Chef.

"Too far, McLean!", Jo shouts. As you're about to escape, you see Ezekiel stuck in between some rocks, as the mutant gophers get closer to her.

"Ezekiel!", Zoey shouts, and runs toward Ezekiel.

"Zoey!!", Mike shouts, chasing after her.

"Uh, guys, watch out, EH!!", Ezekiel shouts. Zoey jumps for Ezekiel, but gets a rock to her head as Mike rushes to both of their rescue. Mike tries to fight off the mutant gophers, but fails.

"Oh no!! Mike! Zoey!!", you shout, as Anne Maria pulls you away to the mine.

"There's no time, Sugarface.", Anne Maria says. Brick jumps out of the way, and takes off his boots.

(Wait, what?!)

Brick jumps into the fray, and points his boot at the gophers.

"What's the matter, gophers?! Can't stand the smell of WAR?!", Brick taunts. The gophers squeal and run away.

"THANK YOU!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!", Mike and Zoey shout, hugging the cadet. You, Anne Maria and Dawn escape on a mine cart with your Gilded Chris Award, as you look back, making sure Brick escaped.

"We're going to win! We're gonna win!", Anne Maria shouts, as you all fall out of the mine, onto the ground.

"My butt hurts.", you say.

"My poof hurts.", Anne Maria says.

"And victory goes to the Toxic Rats! Maggots, you LOSE!", Chef shouts when the Maggots come. You and the other two girls cheer.

"Good job, G.I. Joke.", Jo says.

"Never, ever leave a man behind, Jo.", Brick says.

"Maggots, you'll be eliminating someone. Tonight.", Chef says. Sam arrives, giving Chef some iced tea.

"Ooh, iced tea <3", Chef says happily. Chris arrives in a boat.

"I'm baack!", Chris says.

"We already did the challenge.", Chef says.

"What did you do?", Chris asks. Chef explains the challenge, as Chris becomes increasingly horrified.

"You did WHAT?! They could have DIED!!", Chris says.

"Aww, you DO care!", Zoey says.

"Q-Quiet, Zoey!", Chris says.

"Sam is okay...I'm so glad...", Dakota whispers to you. You smile at her.

"Fine. Maggots, you're eliminating someone tonight.", Chris says. Later, Jo pulls you aside.

"Listen. You want your little boy toy Brick gone?", Jo asks.

"Of course not...", you say.

"I can ensure his elimination...", Jo says.

"You wouldn't.", you say.

"After what you did to me today, don't test my patience.", Jo says.

"Don't. Eliminate. Brick.", you say sternly.

"Fine. Then who ELSE can I eliminate?", Jo asks tauntingly.

"Don't taunt me. I'm warning you.", you say.

"I mean it. You want Brick, Dakota or Zoey?", Jo asks.

"I refuse to answer.", you say.

"Pfft. Like that's an option.", Jo says.

A: Eliminate Dakota

B: Eliminate Zoey

C: Eliminate Brick

(A.N.: The fact that you guys picked Zoey over Dakota means I'm doing something right with her.)


CO: I was stuck between a rock and a hard place...and ANOTHER hard place. There's no way out. Brick and Dakota are my best friends here, and they're super cool, but Zoey is super sweet and doesn't deserve Jo's bad treatment. So Brick was definitely out...but what to do?

-end confessional-

"F-Fine.", you say.

"Is that...weakness, I smell?", Jo asks.

"Don't test me. Since I know she sadly can't get much farther in the game by herself, and her boyfriend is safe...eliminate Dakota.

"Wise choice. She was slowing the team down anyway.", Jo says.

That night, Chris asked all the teams to come for the elimination ceremony.

"Maggots, you've hardly lost all season. Why now?", Chris asks.

"Poor teamwork.", Jo says.

"I...don't know.", Brick says.

"You saved our lives, that's why.", Mike says.

"You're a total hero, Brick.", Zoey says.

"Definitely. Great job!", Dakota adds.

"I see it's a love-fest for Brick. Which is why you'll like it when he and Jo get the first marshmallows!", Chris says. The remaining Maggots look worried.

"Zoey.", Chris says. Zoey gasps and smiles.

"You may or may not get a marshmallow after I give this one to Mike. Mike gleefully catches his marshmallow, but then looks at Zoey, worried.

"Ladies. This is the final marshmallow of the night. The loser, as always, will receive the Toxic Marshmallow of Loserdom. The two girls look worried.

"But tonight...why don't we do something special, and just show the votes?", Chris asks.

Jo: "Goodbye, Dakota"

Brick: "It's so hard to vote for a fellow team member...It's with a heavy heart and much reluctance that I pick Dakota."

Mike: "There's no WAY I'm voting for Brick after today...sorry, Dakota. No hard feelings."

Zoey: "It's too bad...I love everyone here. I guess...Dakota?"

Dakota: "Zoey's my FWNAM, but I really gotta vote for her this time."

"FWNAM?", you ask.

"Friend Who Needs A Makeover. Duh.", Dakota says.

"It seems Dakota is the one going home.", Chris says.

"That is SO not fair.", Dakota says, getting up, crossing her arms.

"Wait, Dakota!", you hear someone saying.

"S-SAM??", Dakota asks.

"We did it, we saved him...", Dawn says silently to you.

"I can't believe you're going already...I was going to ask you out. I was ready to get rejected too.", Sam says.

"I would NEVER reject you!", Dakota says.

"Chris?", Sam says.

"Um...what?", Chris asks.

"I QUIT!", Sam says, jumping into the Hurl of Shame with Dakota.

"Aww, Sam!", she says, as the two start to make out. You, Dawn, Zoey and Anne Maria go "aww"

"Meh, I don't see the big deal.", Jo says.

"And that's another contestant hurled out of here! And an intern too. Who will be catapulted from this crappy island next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!!", Chris signs off.

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