Hey everyone! Welcome to the 3rd Elimination Game, this time with Antagonists! Last time, we played the game with the show's cameos, and Heather's cameo in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon came out on top! It's a short one this time, and once it's done, I'm going back to writing my challenge reviews. Until then, these eleven antagonists will battle it out, and this blog will be updated every day at 6 PM central time.


  • You can only vote ONCE per day for one person to be eliminated.
  • Do NOT make a sockpuppet account to vote. It's painfully obvious when a sockpuppet tries to vote, and not only will you be disqualified from voting for the rest of the game, you will be banned from the wiki.
  • Don't be encouraged by someone to vote for somebody you don't want to eliminate. Who you vote for is your choice.
  • In the event of a tie, we will wait for another vote to break it.

The King of Antagonists


Day Ranking Contestant Bottom two Final voter
Day 1 #14 Mal Sugar Cabbage pult 74
Day 2 #13 Chris Sugar Duncan 99 New
Day 3 #12 Blaineley Sugar TDWTfan23
Day 4 #11 Lightning Sugar Jimmy444
Day 5 - Scott Sugar AverageHero
Day 6 #10 Justin Sugar Izzynoah12
Day 7 Scott Returns
Day 8 #9 Scarlett Sugar Gabcard
Day 9 #8 Sugar Scott X-Men Are Cool
Day 10 #7 Scott Jacques Izzynoah12
Day 11 #6 Jo Jacques ScorpioTheBadGuy
Day 12 #5 Jacques Alejandro Jimmy444
Day 13 #4 Courtney Josee Webkinz Mania
Day 14 #3 Josee Heather MrQuest17
Day 15 #2 Heather Alejandro Jumpy G. Footi
Day 15 #1 Alejandro - -

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