Hi fellow Wikians, Rainbowderp01 here. 

I call upon you for assistance for my favorite episode of Season 1, Haute Camp-ture. As I was typing the final third of the transcript, my computer decided to be absolutely STUPID and delete everything I had done while I was trying to save my changes. So now I need someone to simply transcribe from where I left off al the way to the end. It would be much appreciated and I am accepting this offer at any point throughout the week, so feel free. Just let me know that you're working on it so that I can live worry free and don't have to come back to transcribe it again. It may be my favorite episode, but typing is also very time-consuming. Especially with a transcript with as many flashbacks as this one. So anyone, feel free to finish this one for me so I can start fresh with Camp Castaways next time. I'll leave a link to Haute Camp-ture on my talk page, thanks a bunch! 


CoLoRFuL DiTZ~ 00:30, January 29, 2017 (UTC)

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