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Characters I think have a chance of returning.

Ellody&Mary (RR)
The geniuses are characters who had a short and sweet time on the race, but I believe that they can offer more. According to what we have read on their biographies, we know that they were not very popular in high school and we know that Mary has a thing for scrap booking. We have also seen that Ellody can't do things the way that normal people do. I was one of the shippers of Noah and Ellody before Ridonculous Race started, and it's sad that he ended up going for Emma instead. If he wanted someone bossy, he could have just picked Courtney.

Miles Yells At Laurie
The vegans are characters whose time on the race hasn't ended just yet. We were left on a cliffhanger on whether or not Laurie is a real vegan or if she's just playing it for the cameras. I understand that they were bound to go home in an eating challenge or the aftermath of one, but it's sad to see what Laurie went through on the race, and now she is getting hate for all the wrong reasons. On their biographies, it was said that they get mad when an injustice is done against nature and they have visited several countries around the world, we could hear some stories about those too.

It's only Brody and Geoff
While Geoff may have lived up to his potential and it was refreshing to see him without Bridgette, I would like to see Brody again because we've seen hints of how he can be the male Kitty, like when he and Geoff tried to motivate the adversity twins or when they formed alliances with the other teams and stayed loyal to them. I feel like if he wouldn't spend all his time crushing on MacArthur, he would end up being a much liked character on his own.

Characters who probably do not have a chance of returning includes characters who have fulfilled their storyline in one season like the stepbrothers, rockers, father and son, mom and daughter, adversity twins, fashion bloggers and possibly best friends, sisters, goths and daters. There are also some teams that not a whole lot can be done with and were eliminated for a good reason like the LARPers and the tennis rivals. 

Who do you guys think needs to join Ridonculous Race season two or Total Drama season six? Leave a comment below!