Sorry about last week. I was about half way through my review when my computer crashed. Anyway, I am ready to talk about this week's episode. I will be leaving out the part about the episode this week as I usually watch it a few times before posting, and my sorce for rewatching eps of TDAS will be a bit late this week (TotalDramaHD is the sorce if your curious, I watch MakotoKino4Ever for TDA and TDWT) 

Challange: Save Chris! Nuf' said. I love it already. However I want to know what his original plan for a challenge was. What were the Rhinos and Small Pox for?

Jokes: This episode was full of good ones. Worthy of the hype.


Zoey - 4 1/2 Stars. Other than some good lines, she didnt do much. However, what earned her such a good rating was her bonding with Gwen.

Mal/Mike - 5 Stars - Again this guy is evil. I am really enjoying Mal. I don't think he is supposed to be in the game. I think he is destened to go far beyond it.

Zeek - 5 Stars - Zeek is awesome.

Gwen - 5 Stars - Best episode of the season for her.

Al - 4 Stars - Enjoyably evil.

Courtney - 4 Stars - I love the irony of someone thinking she kissed some one else.

Cameron - 5 Stars - I will agree that I really dislike Cameron. He however did have some good inteanse moments

Top 5 Moments:

5. "Oh, Mike's gone. I'm Mal! And I let you fall."

4. Cam's elimination.

3. Chef's Ice Cream

2. Gwen and Chef cowering in the confessional

1. Zeek

Things I would like to say:

Now, one thing I want to say is that, I know there are a lot of 'Zoey haters' out there, but your hate is actually making her better. Why? Because it shows she is worth the time it people take to debate over her. All the debating about wether she is good or bad proves the writers created a character worth talking about.

The character list is probobly the elimination order, as it has been right every time. So we will be seening Zoey and Mal in the finale. My guess is that it will be a combination of every other season's finale. My guess for the endings are that; In Zoey's ending she will get Mike back to normal. In Mal's ending he will cause Zoey to get amneisa, and tells her she is his evil partner in crime, and together they take over the world. But my guess for the end will be that Mr.Coconut will somehow win.

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