I am a bit strapped for time today so I can just do a small character review and top 5 moments this week:

  • Zoey: 5 Stars - Her suspicion of Mal, was great, especially her knowing it was true, but just not wanting to belive it. Also, I just want to say the top 3 reasons I like her. Third, she's hot. Second, she's nice. And the top reason, she is the most relatable charcter for me.
  • Courtney: 4 Stars - I knew she was going to leave because of her list to get rid of the others and betraying Gwen. I am pretty sure she went through with the vote for herself and the others were from Zoey and Scott. Mal and Gwen probobly voted for Scott. However she was enjoyable in this episode.
  • Gwen 5 stars - She had every right to be mad after Courtney betrayed her. And unlike Courtney did for Gwen, she quickly gave Court a chance to redeem herself.
  • Scott - 5 stars - halarious again!
  • Mal - 4 stars - Amalzing once again. So evil! Especially the puppet scene.

Top 5 moments:

5. Mals reaction to not going to the hotel

4. Gwen actually giving Courtney a chance to make amends with her, despite how Court refused to do so when their roles were reversed.

3. Chris portrits.

2. Mal looking for the DVD.

1. The expression on Zoey's face at the very end of the episode

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