Challange: I remember the sports movie challange (Chris goin' down!). As well as the boxing with a kangaroo in the TDWT Aftermath Second Chance Challange. But is also as they said the Extreme Challange, and Phobia Factor challanges.

Jokes: The fights were all halarious

Characters: This episode had easily had almost all the characters be awsome

Zoey - 5 Stars - Best reward in any challange yet. Instant point for her team. Well deserved for her preformance in the previous challange, and I can't really think of anyone she could fight. (Unless they made a clone of 'Commando Zoey'). Plus it seems to show she is a fortune teller. That is a nice twist added to her. Plus I like her reaction to how Mal might be the original.

Izzy - 5 Stars - I missed her. She's revealed ti be psychic.

Duncan - 5 Stars - Duncan vs Mama. Need I say more.
Mal - 4 Stars - Since Mal is in control right now, I am going to list his name instead of Mike. How dare you hurt Izzy

Gwen - 5 Stars - GwenXCourtney!

Scott -5 Stars - Just his reaction to Fang was worth 5 stars. Plus keeping it while Fang beat him up.

Sierra - 4 Stars - I will miss you. At least she is raturning to Cody.

Alejandro - 4 Stars

Cameron - 3 Stars - He didn't do much except reveal the wheel was rigged


Fang - 5 Stars - He's Fang. He's awesome, and the fight between him and Scott was great.


I love that at the end of the recap we got to see Casa de Losers again.

We learn Scott has a sister named Al, and Chris wishes them a soon to be painful morning.

As they are walking to the challange, Duncan stops to talk with Zoey and he tells her about Mal. After which an intern comes by with Cody 1 and Cody 2 attacking him, with Sierra chasing them. ("Codys. Leave that intern's face alone.")

Meanwhile on Bony Island, Chef goes to go get Mike, who had volenteered for exile duty. He is trampled by the animals him. Mal stepped on his hand. In Mike's mind we have a brief conversation between him and Mal, and find out Mal is just getting started.

After they see the colloseum Cameron starts writing his will and contemplates suicide to avoid the challange. Scott is first and fights Fang. Fang destroys him while Scott stood there like a training dummy.

Sierra fights Cody Jr's mom, and breaks up with Cameron. But get together with him in a minuite.

Everyone thinks Al will fight Heather, but he ends up fighting his brother Jose. He wins, after his brother insulted Heather, calling her unattractive.

They realize that the wheel is riged and Mike went up against Cam's worst fear, Izzy! Apperantly Izzy can read minds, but she is beatten up.

Next up was Duncan VS Mama Bird from last episode. Duncan refused to hurt her.

Finally is Gwen vs Courtney. They refused to fight until Chris showed them vids of Gwen and Duncan kissing. This angered Court until she heartlessly attacked Gwen, and it is FINALLY aknowladged that Duncan was the one who kissed Gwen, not the other way around. After they fought, Gwen again revealed she came back to make amends with Courtney, and Courtney reveals she really missed Gwen, not Duncan.They are both given a point for their team, winning the challenge for their team.

At the bonfire, Duncan and Zoey talk about Mal, and realize that Mal might be the original and Mike is an alternate personality. Chris announces the winning team gets to eliminate anyone they want, and the losers chose who to sacrifice to Bony Island. Sierra is chosen to leave and Al is banished to Bony island.

Top 5 Moments:

5 Al vs Jose

4 Izzy

3 Gwen vs Courtney

2 Duncan vs Mama

1 Scott vs Fang

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