Alright, another episode has come and gone. I have ALOT to say about this episode so I will be adding more info when I watch it again after it's uploaded.

Challange: Appears to be based on Basic Straining. One of my top 10 favorite TDI episodes.

'Characters: 'A rare time where EVERYONE did as good as they could.

  • Zoey - 5 Stars - We learn a bit more about her (her allergy), and get a bit more interaction between her Gwen AND with Courtney. Plus her convinced that Mal is in charge was great.
  • Alejandro DeadDonkey - 5 Stars - His attempts to expose Mal, and Mal basicly making Alejandro his b^&%h, was halarious.
  • Mal - 5 Stars - Delightfully evil. And I love that he can steal the abilities of the other personalities.
  • Gwen- 5 Stars
  • Courtney - 5 Stars - Her best episode of the season.
  • Scott - 5 Stars


Scott is still woried that Court is still on a kissing spee. (I hope she kisses Gwen.)

As they race through the course, Alejandro trys to warn Gwen about Mal. But he is stopped by a tire thrown at him by Mal.

As Mike and Zoey reach the ropes, one made of Licorashe, one out of Dog hair, one is an electical wire, and the other seems to be a normal rope. Mal eats his rope. We learn that Zoey is alleregic to dogs (or at least just dog hair). As she starts to climb the normal rope, Gwen arives and they bond a bit. Nice to see Zoey now has gained another friend.

As Courtney and Scott arrive at the ropes, Zoey and Gwen are laughing, and COurtney thinks they are laughing about her kissing Cameron, which Gwen becomes upset about, after learning about this. At least there is SOME reason for her to be mad, and a reason for her to be surprised by it. However I really do not like the GwenXCam pairing AT ALL! I want GwenXCourtney!

Mal makes Al his b*^&h, and

Top 5 Moments:

  1. Mal basicly making Alejandro his B*&^h
  2. Zoey bonding with Courtney and Gwen
  3. Alejandro Dead Donkey.
  4. "My Left Buttcheek" "My Right Buttcheek!"
  5. Zoey suspecting Mal


  • Zoey
  • Gwen
  • Interactions
  • Challange
  • Al's elimination
  • Mal
  • Recap jokes


Overall: Great. Best episode of the season so far.


  • For the past few weeks I have been forgetting to give Scott a rating. I am sorry about this, and would like to say he get 5 stars in both of the previous episodes, as he was halarous in both.
  • I know about the leaked flush pics. And I am not looking forward to the finale. To me it's almost as uninteresting as Cam VS Lightning was last season. Now I am happy for one of the finalists, the other however, is just barely in the bottom half of my character list. However Season 3 still had the best one. EDIT: Pics are fake. THANK GOD!

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