Instead of just a character review, I will be doing a review of varios asspects of the episode:

Challange: Obviosly based on the Mutant Animals from season 4, and the Easter Island challange of World Tour. I liked this combination. It was actually one that fit well. However I want to see the Lion/Bear/Poison thing. I know Duncan made it up, but that would look so awesome!

Jokes: This one was a bit lacking in the humor except for Duncan, and 'Plant Chris'


Duncan - 5 Stars - Duncan was amazing in this episode. He attempts to be bad while he keeps being good was fantastic. And we finally get the reveal of how he knows TMO, AKA Mal!

Zoey - 5 Stars - Again, another great job from Zoey. Her questioning how much she can trust Mike was great. Plus her getting the advantage in the next challange is cool. Since it's fighting their worst enemies she will probobly be given a pair bonze knuckles instad of boxing gloves. Or BOTH! But I can't wait to see what 'risk her life for Mike' means, now that Mike has been taken over by Mal.

Mike - 4 1/2 Stars - He along with Zoey were fantastic. Now that Mal is in control, this is going to be awesome!

Heather - 4 Stars - Alass sweet Heather. May thy elimination not make us forget how great you were in the episode. Her finding the Chris Head then hiding it, and her tactic to get rid of All was a great idea.

Alejandro - 3 Stars - Why did he have to steal Heather's invincability.

Gwen & Courtney - 5 Stars each - Finally it looks like Courtney has forgiven Gwen! *sqee* I'm so happy about that. While they didn't do much, that long awaited moment, alone was deserving of 5 stars. Maybe soon they will hook up. Gweney FTW!

Top 5 Moments:

5. Heather finding the invincability statue

4. Plant Chris

3. GwenXCourtney

2. Mike getting chained to a rock in his mind.

1. Any scene with Duncan being nice. (ESPECIALLY the borrow the mommy bird's egg, and crying)

Anyway, next week, I will have a more detailed one over the whole episode. Till then, see ya.

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