Anyway this week's episode was quite enjoyable. Any scene with Scott and Fang is alway great. Zoey finally learned the truth about Mal, and Gwen even became suspicios as well. We lost Gwen and Scott, but we have the potential for the greatest finale yet, with Zoey vs Mal! I can't wait.

Anyway lets get on with the review:

Characters: Everyone was increadible this episode.

Zoey - 5 stars - Found the DVD and knows is 100% sure Mal is in control of Mike. She won the chanlange, fair and square, and chose to take Mal to the finale to hopeful bring Mike back. The biggest reason I like her is that for me she is the character I can relate to the most.

Mal/Mike/Manatoba/Svetlana/Chester/Vito -  5 stars each - I love all of them EXCEPT Vito. I like Vito a bit more in the short time he has been in this season, last season he was just a tool. Manatoba was increadible, Svetlana was fun and pointed out why Mike is the true one among them (Vito can't dance!), Chester wants a piggy back ride.

Gwen - 5 Stars - Ah my sweet goth babe! I'll miss you. I loved your attempt to cover Chris' hair in poop.

Scott - 5 Stars - Fang. Nuf' said.

Top 5 moments:

5. "Egg Butt"

4. Poop Hair Paint

3. Fang and Scott

2. Mike's brain scene



  1. Zoey and Mal going to finale
  2. Zoey finding the DVD
  3. Seeing the Gilded Chris Award, and the Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot logo.
  4. Sasquachinaqua
  5. "Injerd contestints is one of my favorite things."


  1. Nothing I can really think of.

Anyway, I will have a longer review next week, covering every aspect of the finale.

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