Hello. I know a lot of people dislike me just for thinking Zoey is a good character, but I am still going to be posting my opinion anyway.

Heather - 5 Stars - She along with Mike were the stars in this episode. Her "Nice Heather" facade was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing, with just how overly nice the queen of mean herself was acting. Keyword 'Acting', as it turned out to be a trick to get Al to admit he still cared about her.

Mike - 4 1/2 Stars - What can I say. TMO is amazing. The only thing stopping a full 5 stars was the 'possible' attemped murder.

Zoey - 4 Stars - This is a good example of why I like Zoey. She is a nice person, and has became ore independant since season 4. She noticed that Mike is acting weird and was the one breaking the team's stuff, the first to start to piece together about Mike's TMO personality. 

Gwen - 4 Stars - Gwen is again great. Her trying to get Courtney to forgive her is good, and seems to be somewhat closer of happening. Her break up with Duncan was actually justified, and much less harsh that her break up with Trent. However, her best moment was when she saved Courtney's life.

Courtney - 2 1/2 Stars - She started off REALLY well in this episode. She even laughed at Gwen's joke about Heather being part wolf. I would have given her a 4 Star rating if it hadn't been for her confessional near the end where she said she would of happily let the deer eat Gwen, right after Gwen saved her life.

Duncan - 3 1/2 Stars - He really didn't do much in this episode of note. His asking Gwen if Courtney talked about him, seemed a bit weird. However, him knowing TMO is still epic!

Cameron - 1 1/2 stars - He didn't really do much of note, or really funny. The only 2 things are him helping Mike with his problem, and being forced onto the villains team.

Sierra - 3 1/2 Stars - Her obsession with Cody is so funny. I was really wanting to see something like this in TDWT, with Cody gone, and him no longer around, Sierra goes even more crazy than ever before. Plus, I'm not 100% sure about this but is she voice by Inez from Cyberchase? She sounds just like her.

Alejandro and Scott  - 1 Star - None of them did anything really of note.

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