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    We have made it. The final episode of TDAS. Zoey VS Mal! Will this episode shine like a star or will it burn out. Lets see!


    As Zoey and Mal head to the challange, Mal thanks her for bringing him to the finale with her. Zoey then stops him, and tells him that she did it for Mike, and she knows he's Mal. Mal then reveals himself.

    As they reach the challange, Chris tells them that this is the most dangerous challange EVER!

    "People gonna DIE!"

    Chef? Showing concern for the contestants? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH CHEF! They have to shoot down 2 baloons each and Zoey gets Cam and Gwen, while Mal gets Heather and Al.

    However, Courtney, Sam, Lindsey, Jo, Scott, Lightning, Duncan, and die when they fly into the sun.

    They however made…

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    Anyway this week's episode was quite enjoyable. Any scene with Scott and Fang is alway great. Zoey finally learned the truth about Mal, and Gwen even became suspicios as well. We lost Gwen and Scott, but we have the potential for the greatest finale yet, with Zoey vs Mal! I can't wait.

    Anyway lets get on with the review:

    Characters: Everyone was increadible this episode.

    Zoey - 5 stars - Found the DVD and knows is 100% sure Mal is in control of Mike. She won the chanlange, fair and square, and chose to take Mal to the finale to hopeful bring Mike back. The biggest reason I like her is that for me she is the character I can relate to the most.

    Mal/Mike/Manatoba/Svetlana/Chester/Vito -  5 st…

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    I am a bit strapped for time today so I can just do a small character review and top 5 moments this week:

    • Zoey: 5 Stars - Her suspicion of Mal, was great, especially her knowing it was true, but just not wanting to belive it. Also, I just want to say the top 3 reasons I like her. Third, she's hot. Second, she's nice. And the top reason, she is the most relatable charcter for me.
    • Courtney: 4 Stars - I knew she was going to leave because of her list to get rid of the others and betraying Gwen. I am pretty sure she went through with the vote for herself and the others were from Zoey and Scott. Mal and Gwen probobly voted for Scott. However she was enjoyable in this episode.
    • Gwen 5 stars - She had every right to be mad after Courtney betrayed her…
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    Alright, another episode has come and gone. I have ALOT to say about this episode so I will be adding more info when I watch it again after it's uploaded.

    Challange: Appears to be based on Basic Straining. One of my top 10 favorite TDI episodes.

    'Characters: 'A rare time where EVERYONE did as good as they could.

    • Zoey - 5 Stars - We learn a bit more about her (her allergy), and get a bit more interaction between her Gwen AND with Courtney. Plus her convinced that Mal is in charge was great.
    • Alejandro DeadDonkey - 5 Stars - His attempts to expose Mal, and Mal basicly making Alejandro his b^&%h, was halarious.
    • Mal - 5 Stars - Delightfully evil. And I love that he can steal the abilities of the other personalities.
    • Gwen- 5 Stars
    • Courtney - 5 Stars - H…
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    Sorry about last week. I was about half way through my review when my computer crashed. Anyway, I am ready to talk about this week's episode. I will be leaving out the part about the episode this week as I usually watch it a few times before posting, and my sorce for rewatching eps of TDAS will be a bit late this week (TotalDramaHD is the sorce if your curious, I watch MakotoKino4Ever for TDA and TDWT) 

    Challange: Save Chris! Nuf' said. I love it already. However I want to know what his original plan for a challenge was. What were the Rhinos and Small Pox for?

    Jokes: This episode was full of good ones. Worthy of the hype.


    Zoey - 4 1/2 Stars. Other than some good lines, she didnt do much. However, what earned her such a good rating …

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