Welcome to Total Drama Island Your way!!! Basically every Saturday and Wednesday you must vote for the person you want to eliminate. The person with the most votes by Saturday or Wednesday will be eliminated. We will do this until there is one camper standing. We will continue this through the seasons of Total Drama. After the I will post a blog saying who you would like to be in the next season, or I will decide the cast for the season myself. We will continue the seasons until then, starting with Island, Action, World Tour, etc. Anyways with 8 votes, Heather has been crowned the winner. Vote for the person you would like to be win below: Thank you for your vote and thank you for doing this, the next season will be Action!!

Ezekiel bow and arrow

22. Ezekiel




21. Justin

Eva Fails

20. Eva

Katie boat of losers

19. Katie

Owen cheers but is tired

18. Owen

Geoff DipDap

17. Geoff

DJ no bunny

16. DJ


15. Beth

Harold Yes



14. Noah


13. Izzy


12. Sadie

Trent Gruvias Rank

11. Trent


10. Cody


9. Tyler

Greece gwen tear up

8. Gwen


7. Courtney


6. Leshawna

Harold Yes

5. Harold


4. Bridgette

Duncan has the hook again

3. Duncan

Lindsay TRR Rank

2. Lindsay

HP - Heather

1. Heather

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