This is a list of my top 12 finalists of Total Drama. This will be based off of how much they deserved to be in the finale, how well they competed in the finale, and overall were they good in the finale. Let's get started. 12. Beth- She was not deserving at all, she was not a main character in the show like some of the other finalists were. I think it would've been better if Lindsay would've made it to the finale instead of her. 11. Lightning- He was not the biggest antagonist of the season, he should've gone in the final three, he got so angry at Cameron just for stealing his immunity, I think it would've been better if Scott took his place in the finale. 10. Sky- She was such a selfish competitor and broke Dave's heart, I mean Sky was all Dave cared about and she tore him apart. She was way to competitive in the finale, I think Jasmine or Sugar or Samey would've been better than her. 9. Shawn- The reason I put Shawn higher than Sky is because he didn't care just about the money, he cared about Jasmine a lot too. I feel like he was way more deserving for the money then Sky. 8. Mike- He was not deserving at all, over half of the stuff he did in All-Stars wasn't even him, it was Mal not Mike, he did not deserve to win, think about it this way, since he turned into Mal in one of the earlier episodes, think of it as him getting eliminated, then he returns in the finale because he gains control and wins. 7. Cameron- He did deserve to be in the finale but not as much as the final 6, he was a great competitor and showed everybody that he could win, I think that he was very deserving to win. 6. Zoey- After dealing with Amal the whole season you've gotta hand it to her, she did deserve to be in the finale, sure Sierra could've been better in the finale but she was overall a strong and worthy competitor to make it to the finale. 5. Duncan- Now I think that he is very deserving, I mean he did use some strategy to make it to the finale, he was overall very deserving I mean come on, he is one of the top 4 most popular Total Drama Characters he has to win a season, he also did a great job in Total Drama Action, by the way I totally ship him and Beth. 4. Gwen- I know some of you might be thinking that she would be third, but I mean she was a very strong competitor and all and made it to finale dealing with Heather, but I mean that's because there were like a hundred people who wouldn't vote for her- Trent, Cody, Leshawna, etc. 3. Alejandro- Alejandro was definently one of the most deserving finalists, he knocked out almost half of the cast in world tour and managed to make it all the way to the finale, sure he was about to be eliminated if it weren't for Sierra blowing up the plane but still. 2. Heather- She was super deserving, she was the main antagonist of the show up until world tour where Alejandro took that place, in the finale she became the good guy out of the two, and she deserved to win after all she has been through. 1. Owen- Owen represented Canada, the place where Total Drama was created of course he was going to win and deserve it, he was overall really friendly and got along with everyone and totally deserved to win Total Drama Island. He was funny and a lot of people were rooting for him to win in the finale.

I hoped you liked the list of the most deserving people to win, bye!!!!

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