This is my complete prediction for the new season of total drama. I will talk about the cast and the teams I think they will be in. Then I will add the elimination prediction after. I think this will be a 20 people cast. So here is my cast prediction for the new season. Cast: Harold, Duncan, Noah, Tyler, Trent, Brick, Scott, Lightning, Shawn, Dave, Bridgette, Lindsay, Eva, Leshawna, Courtney, Dawn, Jo, Jasmine, Sugar, anf Sky. My prediction for the teams are: Team 1: Harold, Tyler, Noah, Brick, Dave, Lindsay, Leshawna, Jo, Sugar, and Sky. Team 2: Duncan, Trent, Scott, Lightning, Shawn, Bridgette, Eva, Courtney, Dawn, and Jasmine. Now if this were the cast for the new season I would have my elimination order like this: 20. Sugar 19. Harold 18. Sky 17. Scott 16. Lightning 15. Eva 14. Courtney 13. Shawn 12. Jo 11. Duncan Merge 10. Tyler 9. Leshawna 8. Dave 7. Noah 6. Jasmine 5. Dawn 4. Bridgette 3. Brick 2. Trent 1. Lindsay

This is my prediction. I would love to see Lindsay get a win in this season. After her poor performance in the past 2 seasons I would love to see her make it far in this season.Thanks for looking at my prediction for Season 6 or 7 or 8, whatever you want to call it.

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