Hello people, I know I probably wont get any views on this but I at least want to share this theory with you people.

Summer 2008

  • Total Drama Island begins as Chris states that the contestants are in a crummy summer camp.
  • All 22 contestants are sixteen.
  • The season will last 8 weeks. This proves it is during the summer.
  • Total Drama Island ends and chris announces the second season in which the 14 contestants who made it to the season will appear at an abandoned Film Lot in TWO Days.
  • During Total Drama Action an episode is called 2008 Space Owen. Therefore Total Drama Action and Total Drama Island are both in 2008.

Summer 2009

  • After the contestants have lost all there fame they earn it back through Total Drama World Tour.
  • At the end of Total Drama World Tour Alejandro is burned by the lava and placed into the Robot.
  • Total Drama Revenge of the Island comes out and ends fairly quick. 
  • At the end of TDROTI Chris is arrested as the contestants sail away on the boat.

Summer 2010

  • Chris states that he has been in prison for One Year when Total Drama All-Stars came. This means that Total Drama Revenge of the island was a year before this season(Obviously)
  • Close to the end of the Episode: Heroes vs Villains "The Robot" is revealed to be Alejandro. 
  • He states he has been in the Robot for a "Year".
  • This means that Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama World Tour were both in 2009.

Well I hope you like this blog please give me some feedback in the comments! If anyone does read this that is -.-

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