A guy is the winner of season one. Another guy is the winner of season two.

I don't mean to sound rude or offensive to anyone who is a fan of either of the winners of both of those series, but I am slightly offended by who won. And it is not because of the fact that the winners of the Total Drama series so far had to be characters I dislike (ironically, Duncan, to me, really isn't a disliked character; he's more... neutral, if you know what I mean... ;D).

What I am slightly offended about this... is that the winners had to be guys...

Don't get me wrong here; it's not like I'm starting to hate the Total Drama series altogether because the winners had to be guys ('cause that wouldn't be quite right). But I'd really wish that the girls would be given a chance to be the winners of the entire competitions once in a while (at least in the United States).

Sadly enough, it turns out the girls were going to be the winners of the first two seasons, until the creators/producers had to modify it a bit. Here, I'll show you what I mean:

  • Gwen happened to be the winner of the first season in Norway and some other country which I don't really remember. Owen, on the other hand, was the winner of that very season in the United States and Canada.
  • Beth was originally going to be the winner of season two; but when the season finale aired in the U.S. and Canada, Duncan just so happened to be the winner.

I believe that it is unfair that the girls always have to be the runners up in competitions such as these, whereas the guys happen to be the top dogs in such competitions.

I only hope that when season three airs (which, hopefully, will be soon), a girl gets to be the winner. And I don't really care if it's a female I'm a fan of or greatly dislike; please, just give the girls a chance! =S

...Sorry if I overreacted... ^^U