Recently, I've been checking out YouTube, and I've come across these videos in which those who have made them give them titles such as "~~~~Yes, it's PSYCHID, the most insane person you'll ever hope to meet! Real!!!!!!" or "Total Drama action REAL elemination order! (Fade out)". (NOTE: These are the actual titles of such videos I have seen.) Well, guess what?


Seriously, though; the so-called "real predictions" in these videos are way off, in terms of who gets voted off next. I mean, the only reason why some of the people who got "eliminated" actually got "eliminated" was that those who have watched TDA actually saw it for themselves. But the main problem with this topic is that those who have created the videos do NOT know who will get eliminated as of yet, so they're just doing the dreaded act in which they will fail at important things such as tests and quizzes:


So yeah; if you watch any of such videos I have mentioned, do NOT believe what is seen; they don't know who will get eliminated next, and neither do we.

Freehugs, I don't know if you've already made a post like this, but I think you're going to love me for this. XD