I am very aware that it's a tad too early for me to do this. However, I was so excited, I thought I should give everyone an early Halloween song. :P

Song Title: Costume-Candy Day
Composer/"Performer": Psychid (ft. some unimportant female backup singers)
Parody Of: Weasel Stomping Day
Original Composer/Performer: "Wierd Al" Yankovic, accompanied by unknown female backup singers

Color Code:
Blue text = Psychid singing
Pink text = female backup singers singing
Green text = Both Psychid and female singers are singing

(Instrumental introductory music plays)

Faces filled with joy and cheer! What a magical time of year!
Howdy-ho, it's Costume-Candy Da-a-a-ay!
Put your holiday costumes on! Spread those skeletons across your lawn!
Don't you know it's Costume-Candy Day
(Costume-Candy Day!)

All the little boys and girls
Love those Skittles and Twizzler swirls!

You'll know what this day's about
When you eat so much sugar, your teeth fall out!

So come along and have some fun! Let your teeth fall out, one by one!
Go ahead and let your teeth decay...!
Hip-hip-hooray for Costume-Candy Day!

(Instrumental break)

People up and down the street,
wearing costumes and yelling, "Trick-or-treat!"

Why we do it? Who can say?

So go and have fun with yourself! Have no regard for your dental health!
It's tradition; that makes it okay...!

Hey, everyone! It's Costume-Candy-
We'll have some fun on Costume-Candy-
Get out, ya bum! It's Costume-Candy Da-a-ay!

Hip-hip-hooray for Costume-Candy Da-a-a-ay!
Costume-Candy Day!

Happy Halloween, Total Drama Wiki! C: