Wow... just... wow... I've actually been on the Total Drama Wiki...


In a more mature tone, yes, this is my two-year anniversary on this Wiki. As with the previous installment, there are some users I would like to thank:

  • Ishni, for that wonderful comment about me having good tastes in music. ...Does Kanye West count?
  • Kgman04; even though we haven't talked much (or at all), I'd still like to thank him. ...Maybe it's because I still feel like giving him major apologies.
  • Jam7, for... um... being hip to the jive? Heck, I dunno... :P
  • Musey, for having a lot in common with me, and for being one of the best Wiki friends I ever had. C: ...And crap, I lost the game again...
  • Poli, for you certainly will be missed. :'(
  • User:Mocky74, for making that picture of me on my talk page, based on my avatar. ...Did you get my message, by chance?

...You do like my avatar, RIGHT? >:c

Anyway, thanks for having me on the Wiki for two years, everyone! Now that I think about it, some questions come to mind:

Thanks, everyone! :D