On January 30, 2010, TDIFan13 insisted that I joined the IRC, primarily because I was a "fairly active user". I have to admit that I was touched by the fact that someone allowed me to join the IRC, although I also have to admit I haven't done much to contribute to the Wiki (as in I haven't done much, if not any, mainspace edits. TDIFan, if you're reading this and are shocked that you actually let someone like me join the IRC, please, forgive me).

Ever since that day, I have joined the IRC almost every day, and I really had fun! But since I was new to the IRC, there were some features that I wasn't so sure with, mainly how to send private messages to users who have already joined. Fortunately, TDIFan13 and Freehugs41 were both generous enough to explain to me how to do that. Thanks, you guys!

So yeah, I really had a fun time on the IRC, and I hope to continue having fun whenever I'm on! =D

On a side note, happy one-year anniversary on the Wikia, President Freehugs! =D

On another side note, old Pete predicted that it's going to be six more weeks of winter. That, I am not so excited about... =S