Oh, God, not another blog post that relates to YouTube... =S And what's worse, this is a blog post that hardly relates to the Total Drama series in any form of way (kind of like another blog, in a way). X_X

So yeah, I've been fiddling with YouTube, as always, and I've recently come across this user whose username is RodStewartFan1. And I have to say, he has got to be the most embarrasingly awful YouTube member there ever was; and it's not becaues he's a fan of Rod Stewart, who is soo old school, people (no offense, Rod Stewart fans... if any exist):

It's because his immaturity levels have gone way off the charts... X_X Here's one of his old YouTube comments he given, to show you what I mean:

grr I HATE BRATINA AND KATRINA SO MUCH!! Wow... what a coincidence! It just so happens that I hate Katrina and Brattina Stoneheart as well: especially because of the fact that they're characters from a FRIGGIN' CARTOON (sorry, didn't mean to go overboard back there)! For five-year-olds, even!

...Okay, I'll repeat what I just said, but in a more calm and appropriate tone: Katrina and Brattina Stoneheart are two characters from a cartoon, in which most of its material is nothing but fiction. ...Now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of that time I made that one comment in which I stated that I hated Heather and Justin as much as the next, but had the common sense to realize that it was just a cartoon. Apparently, this doesn't ring any bells for him.

I know what you're all thinking, besides "If this doesn't relate to TDI in any form of way, then why make a post, dangit?!" You're probably thinking: "Seriously; how old is this guy?!" WELL, LET'S FIND OUT, SHALL WE?

I've checked his account and found out that his age is... wait for it... wait for it...

Twenty-six years.

Oh. My. God... This guy is twenty-six years old, yet he acts like an immature, whiny five-year-old kid, with comments such as the above comment and "i luv pound puppies so much!" Jeez, he can't even spell love properly... X-X And it's not just Pound Puppies that he seems to enjoy: apparently, he enjoys other baby shows such as the Care Bears, My Little Pony, and the Gummi Bears... O-o

Yes, immaturity is one of my greatest pet peeves in life, although I have to admit that I have that problem at times (HYPOCRITE =P). Freehugs was right; with people like him, there is doubt for the future of the human race... =S

And yes, I know that this doesn't relate to the Total Drama series in any form of way, and I could get banned for this... please, forgive me. =S

Now that I think about this, I don't really know why I made such an unrelated post.

Please, forgive me for this... =S