Two days ago, I have created yet another song parody entitled Bad Morning, to which its main purpose was to express how upset I felt when Jam7 lost to Kgman04 in the third Wiki election (before the scores were tied, I mean). Unfortunately, that song parody no longer exists, and for a very good reason. Nalyd Renrut crossed by and felt that it was rather insulting and uncalled for (I think the "NOT!" at one point in the blog pretty much gave it all away). In response, I have asked him to delete that song right away, without any further questions.

I felt so bad that I have made such an insulting song that I am now writing this blog to apologize to those who I have offended. That's right, folks; I'm going all Tiger Woods on everyone. Still, enjoy this blog, and I hope that for those who I have mentioned, you will forgive me:

I am sorry to:

  • Kgman04, for writing Bad Morning when there was the risk of insulting both you and your followers. Please do not get me wrong; I did not purposely intend to lash at you and the fact that you won and not Jam. I just had high hopes for Jam to win, and I wasn't thinking properly. If this is an idiotic and unacceptable reason for creating such an insulting song, I completely understand. Really, before the results became tied, it was everyone else's choice for you to win, not just mine. Congratulations on winning fair and square. I should have known better than to act so immature and pompous about it.
  • Jam7, for acting like a whiny fanbrat (kind of like some people I know and loathe... *cough* *cough*), and for writing about how I desperately wanted you to win the election. I was an obnoxious fanbrat who tried hard, and one who died hard. It probably didn't help that I was a lazy *ss on this Wiki and didn't have enough mainspace edits to vote. I am also sorry to you for continuing to act like a wimp and acting all Emo and meek. Whereas I am not Emo, I am definitely meek. I should really learn to grow a pair and man up, especially at a certain age.
  • Nalyd Renrut, for you noticing Bad Morning, and thinking that it was insulting and offensive towards some certain users. Just be glad that I haven't gone all ballistic on you and lashed at you for claiming that the song was downright offensive and insulting. I, too, have a heart, and once you have claimed it was uncalled for, I have immediately seen the errors of my ways. When you leave, you will indeed be missed.
  • Freehugs41, for pretty much the same reasons as Nalyd, and for constantly trying to coax you into reading, enjoying, and reviewing my non-TDI-related stories. That was very selfish of me. I am also sorry for being a pompous and die-hard Freehugs fanboy into joining the IRC, most of the time only to see if you're there.
  • Courtney~Duncan~TDA; whereas she wasn't part of Bad Morning, I am sorry for joining the IRC only to see if Freehugs is available for talking. I really shouldn't be so discriminitive like that. :(

If those of you who I have mentioned don't accept my apologies for the faults I have committed, I understand.

I'm sorry, everyone. :(