As the title of this blog clearly shows, tomorrow is going to be a friend's birthday. So in response, I have decided to make a birthday poem for her to enjoy! And Jam7, if you happen to be reading this blog, I hope you do enjoy it! =D

Okay, here we go:

Hey, Jam7! So, I see it's your birthday; ISN'T THAT JUST
AMAZING? ...Seriously, you are,
Perhaps, one of the most special
People I have ever made on this Wiki, along with some others.
Y, you ask? Well... It's probably

Because you're accurate,
Intelligent, and very
Reliable, if I may add! It's also because of
The fact that you are
Helping other users with problems, whether it ranges from making signatures or applying the color tag.
Dang, you're probably
A better user than I am! ...Not that I'm making a whin-
Y fuss about it, or anything.

Just so you know, I'm pretty
Aware if you thought this poem sucked. But hey, I tried. Still, happy birthday, and
May all your wishes come true! Happy 13th plus
7th birthday, friend!

...You know, I think that making crappy poems like this is the only thing I'm good for when it comes to poetry... XD

Still, happy 20th birthday, Jam7! =D