Today, July 20, is my birthday. My nineteenth birthday. My NINETEENTH FRAKKING BIRTHDAY. :O

It's true. It's my nineteenth birthday. My official second year of my official adulthood: the time where I make my own decisions, pick my own path for the future, and all the other adult-related stuff.

Or I could just put it aside for the sake of new children's trading cards. :P Yes, they're flashy, but I think they're cool. THEY ARE. >:c

Since it's my birthday, I present to you the first of my birthday presents:

Eddy Simmons: The Eddy Power Stretch, as created by my friend, EdEddNEddyVideos. I originally came up with the idea, since Eddy and Loomis Simmons have plenty in common (trust me). But full credit goes to her for making it, since I have little to no video-making experience. Hopefully, the rest of my gifts (if any) will almost be as good as this.

Before I forget, I'm going to Cohoes again, for the weekend (starting Friday). As always, there will be little to no Internet connectivity, and I will be back by possibly Sunday. Trust me--I'm gonna miss you guys.

Now that I think about it, this blog has little to nothing to do with Total Drama. Yet I got away with making this one. And this one. And this one! And let's not forget this one! How strange. How very strange.

I shall now close this blog with saying I have the same birthday as him (OMG).

I hope to have a happy nineteenth, everyone! :3