I've made up my mind: this time, I really am going to leave the Total Drama Wiki.

I know--this really is shocking news. But why am I leaving so suddenly, you ask? Well, it's all because a lot has been happening in my life lately; and lemme tell ya, it's really time-consuming. The bulk of it all is that I now have two jobs. That's right, two. Don't worry, though; one of them's part-time, and the other one's seasonal. Still, I don't know how long those jobs will take, and I'm worried that I may not have time to come back to the Wiki. ...Then again, wasn't I inactive enough already?

But yeah, I'm sorry to break this all to ya. However, I want to thank you all for making my experience on the Total Drama Wiki an enjoyable one, while it lasted. I may not have been like other users in which I actually did any edits to main pages, but I tried!

However, I'm still alive on the Internet. I really am. I can be found on the following sites:

Wow. I'm on a lot of sites, huh? XD

Once again, thank you for making my experience on the Total Drama Wiki an enjoyable one. I won't be requiring any "goodbye parties" on the IRC, because I rarely have the effort to attend any of those things, or any events on the IRC for that matter.

One small favor, though: if any of you happen to see Freehugs anywhere, please tell her about this, so I can keep in touch with her. I really miss her.

And I know for a fact I'm gonna miss the rest of you.