FINALLY, something that doesn't relate to YouTube in any form of way (as well as something that actually relates to the Total Drama series)! ^^

Anyway, this topic is how Courtney got eliminated in Total Drama Action; how she was completely upset that Duncan had voted her off. ...Yes, Courtney haters, this would probably count as one of the most happiest moments you have ever experienced. But here is my opinion about her getting eliminated; two words:


Actually, whether or not Duncan voted off Courtney by accident or on purpose is kind of debatable (at least to me):

  • Accident - for those of you who haven't seen the episode, right at the Guilded Chris Awards ceremony, we see that Duncan is still asleep, most likely as a result of exhaustion from the challenge (that, and he probably fainted when he found out his "pet" chameleon was with him the whole time). As soon as Chris announces that it's time to vote, when we get to Duncan (the last person to vote), he suddenly wakes up and randomly selects a candidate (that being Courtney). This may be an accident because Duncan didn't really pay attention to who he was voting off, since, you know, he just woke up.
  • On Purpose - after Courtney found out that Duncan had voted her off, the scene suddenly switches to Duncan making his confessional in which he states that "Courtney's popularity has gone down the toilet". That very quote implies that he possibly voted her off on purpose, because he was so fed up with her bossiness (no offense, Courtney fans).

Yeah, this is all in my own opinion. I talked to a friend about this, and she, too, had to agree that Courtney's elimination was an accident, although she also pointed out that Duncan could have done it on purpose. And here's a question I'd like to ask you:

What do you think?