So a friend of mine claims that another friend of mine has been feeling under the weather lately. He also suggested that I should make something about her, such as a fan fiction or a poem about her. As much as I enjoy writing fan fictions, I kind of chose with writing the poem, mainly because I thought it would be easier.

So yeah; what you're about to see is a poem written by yours truly, in attempts to cheer up Freehugs41. Please be warned that this isn't my strongest work, since it's something that I've whipped up in one night. You have been warned.

Hope you enjoy, everyone! =D

Freehugs41, you are certainly one heck of an online user. You are so
Reliable, trustworthy, and accurate. You are
Especially sweet and friendly to users such as myself. I wonder why you have suddenly become
Ever so upset?
Has someone given you a hard time lately? Have they annoyed you with such
Utter nonsense? Or is it vandalism that has
Gotten you this agitated? Yes; as I have
Said before, this isn't my strongest work, and I probably failed to cheer you up. But at least I've thought of you,
4 you are, perhaps,
1 who is special, at least to me.

I hope you feel better, FREEHUGS41. =)

...Yeah, this is kind of a cliché poem, I know. As I've said before, this isn't my strongest work. But hey, I've tried...

I hope you feel better, Freehugs41. =)