In which this is another blog post that relates to YouTube, and is kind of a response to a video created by TDIHeatherlover, in which she rants about other users who are Heather haters (not much of a surprise there, if you ask me).

So yeah, I've still been surfing YouTube, like I always do, and I still check out the comments of some of the videos I see, like I always do as well. And recently, I've been seeing these comments on TDA videos that are posted on YouTube, and some of the comments I have seen were how they hoped that "Courtney would get eliminated soon", or how they were "glad that Courtney was finally voted off", or... you probably get where this is going...

But the main thing that irritates me was how those who have commented were being prejudice against them. And it's not because that Courtney is one of my favorite characters; it's just annoying in a way. And as seen on a friend's post, one of the things that annoyed her was people who wanted to "kill Heather and Justin", or something like that. The comment I made on that blog was how I hated Heather and Justin as much as the next, but have the common sense to realize that it's just a cartoon! (NOTE: This is back when I hated Heather; now, to me, she's... neutral, if you know what I mean...)

Also, I've been making some friends on this Wikia, and some of the friends I made where either haters of characters I loved, or vice-versa. The first of such friends I made was TotalDramaAction Heather Lover, who is a lover of Heather and a hater of Courtney (in which it was kind of the other way around for me). But when I told her that I loved Courtney and hated Heather (which, once again, was before Heather was in my neutral section), I told her that I totally respected the fact that she didn't love Courtney and didn't hate Heather, and I wasn't going to argue about it. And this is probably the same for Misstditylerfan, another friend I have made.

Bottom line: we all have our own opinions, and we should learn to accept other's opinions, even if we don't agree on some things (such as the TDI characters we like/hate/whatever).

On a side note, there's this YouTube member whose username is AmazingINAqua, who kind of reminds me of someone familiar... I just can't put my finger on it... XD

On another side note, although he may be an antagonist, I kind of grown a liking for Alejandro, in a way... =\