Remember in my last "important" blog post that I was leaving town for our traditional Thanksgiving gathering in Cohoes (and yes, I do live in New York, which you might have figured out already)?

Well this time, I really am leaving this Wiki... for the weekend, again (gotcha). :P

As of tomorrow, being a Saturday, I'll be packing up and heading off to Cohoes again, this time for our traditional Christmas gathering. As always, there will be little to no Internet activity at Cohoes, so I might not be able to talk with you guys. But don't worry; I'll only be gone for the weekend; I should be back by Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening! ;)

Just so you won't completely miss me, and since this is the official holiday season, I'll decide to give you some presents, all of which are epic win:

  • How Placido Stole Christmas, a Christmas story I kind of written last year. If you're not into Yu-Gi-Oh! like I am (yes, I'm just too white and nerdy, I'm just too white and nerdy :P), then you might as well be just plain confused. However, I have slipped a TDA reference somewhere inside it; try to find it, if you can. >:3
  • CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES! ...I think the title says it all. ;P
  • Dog's Doom Afternoon This is, perhaps, the very first fan fiction I have ever written. It's not as good as the above two stories, in terms of writing style; but I'm sure it's just as humorous. C:
  • And last, but not least, I show you all the true meaning of Christmas... Homey style. :)

Oh yeah, before I forget, my older sister found an orphaned cat sometime during Thanksgiving break at our own house. We have adopted him and named him "Mr. Bensen". I don't think our other two pets, Bianca and Tish, are getting along with him (Bensen's new, after all), but us human beings of the household family most certainly are! :D

Anyway, I hope to have a safe trip, as well as have fun on this traditional Christmas gathering.

Merry Christmas, Total Drama Wiki! <3 --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff! 14:00, December 17, 2010 (UTC)