Okay i think most ouf your have heard of my people i should worship list, well i haven actually wrote it yet so i decided i going to write the list since i have no life :D

My Worship List

  • Freehugs41
  • Webkinz Mania
  • Nalyd Renrut
  • Waffle from dramatic static for getting ipod dowloadable episodes of TDA
  • Musicsunset from Youtube for uploding episodes of TDA
  • xXxTDIAngelxXx from Fanfiction and Twitter for being the bestest friend in the world
  • All my revewiers on Fanfiction
  • Corey Feldman
  • Greg Cipes
  • Drew Nelson
  • Emilie Claire Barlow
  • Kari Whalgren
  • Selena Gomez (everyone at school says i look like her o.o)
  • Demi Lavato
  • All the people that help make TDI and TDA
  • My english teacher Mrs Smith
  • My Coz Jamie for taking me to canada
  • My Friends and Boyfriend
  • My band Members (aka my friends and boyfriend)
  • My screen actors teacher for letting us do a scene from TDI (i was izzy XD)

i thinks thats about it maybe i'll add onto it later

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