• Princesstikal

    My worship List

    October 23, 2009 by Princesstikal

    Okay i think most ouf your have heard of my people i should worship list, well i haven actually wrote it yet so i decided i going to write the list since i have no life :D

    • Freehugs41
    • Webkinz Mania
    • Nalyd Renrut
    • Waffle from dramatic static for getting ipod dowloadable episodes of TDA
    • Musicsunset from Youtube for uploding episodes of TDA
    • xXxTDIAngelxXx from Fanfiction and Twitter for being the bestest friend in the world
    • All my revewiers on Fanfiction
    • Corey Feldman
    • Greg Cipes
    • Drew Nelson
    • Emilie Claire Barlow
    • Kari Whalgren
    • Selena Gomez (everyone at school says i look like her o.o)
    • Demi Lavato
    • All the people that help make TDI and TDA
    • My english teacher Mrs Smith
    • My Coz Jamie for taking me to canada
    • My Friends and Boyfriend
    • My band Members (aka my friends and boy…

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  • Princesstikal

    First Blog

    October 21, 2009 by Princesstikal

    This is my first blog, im thinking of writing up a blog every week. To vent or express my opinion on somthing.

    Anyways i've been out of school sick with the stupid swine flu this whole week. Im not angry about it, im rapt im sick cause it means i get to watch movies and write fanfics and stuff but my chest is killing me and i can't hold down any of my food (sorry if i put you guys off your lunch) and i'm gona miss out on the year 12 muck up day (im not sure if they do it in america but it's when the year tweleve get to go wild and prank the teachers and stuff. So yeah i've just been in bed either

    1. sleeping 2. watching movies 3. writing fanfics 4. watching TDA

    and trying to get out of doing the homwork the teachers are sending me


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