Guys, here's another 'opinions on things', but you might not want to be here if you can't stand smut or questions touching the sexual side/being a bit 'wrong'. Anyway, here's a few questions.

1. Would Chris, Chef and Blaineley be old enough to have kids, (not necessarily with each other in a three-way, that would be wrong), the oldest being 13 years old?

2. Am I the only one who thinks Justin looks like a Ken-Doll?
Justin TDI Rank

3. Do you think Sierra is a parody on anime girls combined with otakus, because of her especially large head and huge eyes (although lots of TD girls also have huge eyes)? 4. What would Sierra look like if she didn't change her appearance, by that, I mean without purple hair dye and if her tan turned out to be fake? Or is her tan natural?


5. Which Total Drama characters could've done drama classes before being on TD?

6. Why are Duncan's legs so tiny?
Duncan - Flag

7. Which TD characters would you like to meet in real life and why? 8. Have Chris and Don met? 9. Other than Botox in TDPI, what sort of surgical appearance enhancement could Chris have had? 10. Could Geoff and Bridgette have already 'done the nasty'?

Sorry of this blog weirded anyone out, I just wanted to know some stuff.

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