Hey everyone, it's Princess (man, I love my username!) here again to ask opinions on various questions. Your opinions have actually been very useful and here I am, asking you for more, again, reasons are recommended but optional. Anyway, enough babble and more rabble (not an actual rabble, figuratively) 1. Would Gwen and Gothita get along well? I also ask this about Duncan and Duskull, Heather and Liepard and Owen and Munchlax. 


2. Is Gwent a good pairing? File:Gwen and Trent.jpg 3. Why do people ship Dott (Dawn and Scott)? They absolutely cannot stand each other! 4. What do you think of Tayrenzo (Taylor and Lorenzo)?

5. How old would the Adversity Twins be?
6. Do the Ice Dancers look in their 20's or 30's to you?
Oh my jacques

7. When Leshawna and DJ met on TDI, Leshawna greeted DJ with "Hey brother!" or something along those lines. Did they know each other already or is Leshawna just super friendly and confident?

8. Why does Noah have such a weirdly shaped head?
Noah Dip Dap

Seriously, who's head looks like that?

9. Why did so many characters become antagonistic in TDA, then reverted back to being normal in TDWT? 10. What does Gwen look like without makeup?

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