Hey guys, Princess here. I know I haven't posted a blog in a while but I've always wondered how you guys will answer these questions. (I don't know how to make polls here, so just answer in comments. Reasons are recommended, but not required.)

1. Who's cuter, Kitty or Lindsay?

Kitty rhino selfie

File:Lindsay is taking a photo.png 2. Out of these two, who do you prefer? 3. Which couple is lamer, Zoke or Skave?

Sky dave01 by original58-d85zkxx

4. Why is Nemma so liked here? 5. What do you think of Noco?

Cody And Noah

6. What do you think of Crimnui?

Goths clue brazil
7. Is Gwen a base-breaker and what do you think of her?
Gwen shocked about Lightning

8. What do you think of Owen?

Owen camel drool

If I think of more questions, another blog will be added.

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