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  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • Princess Cloudy

    Hi guys, Princess Cloudy here! I've made 3 OC's for Dinopoke's TD fanfic and I'm posting up my drawings of them. Tell me what you think of them (I'm not the best artist, but I like to think I can draw :D ). Also, if there's anything you want to know about my OC's, I'll be happy to answer your questions. Body dimensions, opinions on controversial issues, fears, insecurities, I'm up for anything! (If you can't see my OC's well enough, just zoom in on your computer)

    OC 1: Caitlin

    A 16 year old girl who is described to be a bit of an 'oddball', but she's neither good or evil. Personality wise, she's funny, relatively nice, bold, loud, a bit clumsy and awkward at times (nervousness makes her gassy), somewhat tough and sometimes crazy. She does ka…

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  • Princess Cloudy

    Hey guys, I'm going to write my first fanfiction/character theory. Sure, there's probably quite a few theories and LOTS of fanfic on this wiki, but how much of that content is BOTH? Not to say that no ones ever done that, it's not like it's an original concept, but I'm using my own ideas. I've seen one of those kinds of stories on the Internet and I love 'Total Drama Kids' comics (contestants as kids and Chris as a teacher) and this idea just popped into my head today, so enough of the babble and on with the story! :)

    CHAPTER 1- GWEN Gwen's childhood was a bit dicey, to say the least. Ever since she could talk (if she wanted to) she'd been a very shy and quiet girl, with hardly any friends, as she was rarely brave enough to approach someone…

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  • Princess Cloudy

    Hi guys, it's Princess here and I'm gonna try something kinda new, a fun and games page. Some games you may have seen before or seen similar versions of and other games may be completely new. Anyway, give your answers and opinions in comments and tell me which games you like and don't like. I will update this blog daily.

    WAR OF THE BASE BREAKERS Ok, so this is like Hurt and Heal, but with way less characters and a different point system. The points are actually PEEVE points, so the first to 10 loses and it keeps going until you get the winner of least disliked/most liked base breakers. Our base breakers are Gwen (3), Shawn (1) and Sugar (8)

    THE FUNNY QUESTION! Just give your answer to this question: Where does the world's crazy come from? Who…

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  • Princess Cloudy

    Hi guys, sorry about the weird blog before and I hope I didn't offend any of you with those odd to possibly rude questions on it. Anyway, today's blog is going to be like the first two, normal and suitable for even little kids :) . Answer in comments, preferably with reasons for your answers :D . So, lets start.

    1. Is Gwen's real name even Gwen (consider the events in Camp Castaways) ?

    2. Do you think these Total Drama contestants would have similar dimensions to what I'm guessing below:

    Gwen: 160cm and 48kg, Bridgette: 162cm and 52kg, Cody: 155cm and 41kg, Leshawna: 157cm and 64kg, Duncan: 172cm and 62kg, Sierra: 183cm and 74kg, Heather: 170cm and 55kg, Beth: 140cm and 43kg, Owen: 171cm and 115kg, Courtney/Zoey: 165cm and respectively 55 and…

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  • Princess Cloudy

    Guys, here's another 'opinions on things', but you might not want to be here if you can't stand smut or questions touching the sexual side/being a bit 'wrong'. Anyway, here's a few questions.

    1. Would Chris, Chef and Blaineley be old enough to have kids, (not necessarily with each other in a three-way, that would be wrong), the oldest being 13 years old? 2. Am I the only one who thinks Justin looks like a Ken-Doll? 3. Do you think Sierra is a parody on anime girls combined with otakus, because of her especially large head and huge eyes (although lots of TD girls also have huge eyes)? 4. What would Sierra look like if she didn't change her appearance, by that, I mean without purple hair dye and if her tan turned out to be fake? Or is her t…

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