You know the rules of a hurt and heal. 

Also no sockpuppeting this time i will repot all sockpuppets.

This hurt and heal has the main antagonists and secondry antagonists of each season.

No advertising.

If you like you can add pictures in your comments of a happy healer and a sad hurter.

Contestant Points

7 (winner)

Jacques 7 (winner)
Duncan 0 (eliminated)
Courtney 0 (eliminated)
Scott 0 (eliminated)
Josee 0 (eliminated)
Jo 0 (eliminated)
Alejandro 0 (eliminated)
Scarlett 0 (eliminated)
Taylor 0 (eliminated)
Stephanie 0 (eliminated)
Justin 0 (eliminated)
Sugar 0 (eliminated)
Mal 0 (eliminated)

Congratualations to Heather and Jacques, our winners and best villians.

They stayed on equal points for 3 days

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