I'm making a fanmade total drama series called The Drama, it is on my scratch account.

There will be 26 episodes.

I made most of the contestants.

Each episode is between 1 and 5 minutes long.

There are 9 contestants by episode 2, another 2 come in episode 9.

I introduce 5 contestants to start with.

Lets get on with the characters.


Labelled 'The Smart One'.

He is the main antagonist of the series.

He is constantly mentioning he is smart.

Enemies with almost every contestant, except Rowan and Lauren, he also has a crush on Alex.


Labelled 'The Anger Problem'.

She is quite crazy if people stop her from winning.

She is enemies with James and Anthony.

She is friends with Grace, Alex and Rowan.


Labelled 'The Fun Girl'.

She is your average nice girl.

She is enemies with James, Anthony and David.

She is friends with Alex, Ruby, Florance, Keith, Lauren and Blake.

Rowan is her sister.


Labelled 'The Grumpy Boy'.

He is very moody and never happy.

He is friends with Rowan.

His enemies are everyone else.


Labelled 'The Friendly Girl'.

She starts out shy.

She is enemies with Rowan, David and Anthony.

She is friends with Keith, Grace, Ruby, Florance, James and Blake.


Labelled 'The Ungirly Girl'.

She is not girly like the other girls.

She is enemies with David, Florance, Ruby and Alex.

She is friends with James, Lauren, Anthony and Blake.

Grace is her sister.


Labelled 'The Tough Cookie'.

He tells everyone to shut up

He is enemies with everyone except....

He is friends with Blake and has a crush on Florance.


Labelled 'The Fashion Expert'.

She loves fashion, and David.

She is enemies with James, Rowan and Anthony.

She is friends with Grace, Alex, Ruby, Keith and David.


Labelled 'The Acting Noob'.

He is bad at acting.

He is enemies with James and Anthony.

He is friends with everyone else.


Labelled 'The Horse Rider'.

She finds sabotage funny.

She is enemies with David.

She is friends with James and Grace.


Labelled 'The Pants'.

Wears Dave's pants in grey.

He is friends with David, Rowan, Alex and Grace.

He is enemies with James and Lauren.


You can find the episodes on scratch.

No bad comments.

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