After the sucess of my villians hurt and heal, I decided to make a heroes one.

You know the rules of a hurt and heal.

No sockpuppeting or I will report you!

This hurt and heal has the main and secondry protagonists of each season.

No advertising.

If you like you can add pictures of a happy healer and a sad hurter.

Contestant Points Place


15 1st!
Gwen 0 2nd
Carrie 0 3rd
MacArthur 0 4th
Sanders 0 5th
Shawn 0 6th
Heather 0 7th
Cameron 0 8th
Beth 0 9th
Cody 0 10th
Owen 0 11th
Zoey 0 12th


Mike 0 14th
Sky 0 15th

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