aka Poopy

  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Writer of A Dark Tale and 3 Deadly Hits of Revenge
  • I am Female, but not girly
  • Poopydog999

    I know i said i was leaving a few months ago but I need to inform you about a tragedy. Every season of total drama execept all stars has been deleted from Netflix. I can't believe they didn't delete the worst season of the show and TDPI didn't even get on Netflix. I wish they would have deleted the shows that were actually bad, like this monstrousity called Larva. That's just a show about worms! Please comment your opinion.

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  • Poopydog999

    My fanmade series

    June 4, 2016 by Poopydog999

    I'm making a fanmade total drama series called The Drama, it is on my scratch account.

    There will be 26 episodes.

    I made most of the contestants.

    Each episode is between 1 and 5 minutes long.

    There are 9 contestants by episode 2, another 2 come in episode 9.

    I introduce 5 contestants to start with.

    Lets get on with the characters.

    Labelled 'The Smart One'.

    He is the main antagonist of the series.

    He is constantly mentioning he is smart.

    Enemies with almost every contestant, except Rowan and Lauren, he also has a crush on Alex.

    Labelled 'The Anger Problem'.

    She is quite crazy if people stop her from winning.

    She is enemies with James and Anthony.

    She is friends with Grace, Alex and Rowan.

    Labelled 'The Fun Girl'.

    She is your average nice girl.

    She is enemie…

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  • Poopydog999

    First off, sorry about the letter M in the title.

    This is the final hurt and heal of mine.

    In this case, you all voted these characters, I also added LeShawna in because someone voted her but was too late.

    You know the rules.

    No sockpuppeting or advertising.

    Contestant Points Place
    Kitty 20 1st
    Emma 0 2nd
    Dawn 0 3rd
    LeShawna 0 4th


    Noah 0 6th
    Carrie 0 7th
    Shawn 0 8th
    Dakota 0 9th
    Harold 0 10th
    Scarlett 0 11th
    Trent 0 12th
    Gwen 0 13th
    Duncan 0 14th
    Max 0 15th
    Courtney 0 16th Read more >
  • Poopydog999

    Sorry to all the editers who I said were under estimating me.

    To forgive them I will write noob on my head.

    Definitly sorry to Art, you can forgive me.

    I'm also sorry for confusing this blog with the song I'm sorry, this is a completly different thing.

    In return, don't call me noob, but it's mainly my fault.

    To make all of you who I complianed to feel better, I will send positive messages on your message walls (yes, even you Art).

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  • Poopydog999

    I can edit properly

    April 17, 2016 by Poopydog999

    Don't under estimate my editing.

    I'm not a noob.

    I'm always active.

    Try to fit me in, PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Proof I can edit: I added a picture to a gallery.

    Every time I watch the ridonculous race, I notice something that's forgoten and I immeditly change it!  

    Please don't compare me with pro editers.

    I'm like Josee, I will do anything to get to the top, but I'm not evil, so I won't break the rules.

    1 tip for people who see this blog.

    Don't hate me, I'm just upset.

    To the admins.

    Please help me!

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