<Totally didn't steal Musou's blog title>

So, er, this is my highly awkward announiciation (is that a word?) of how I'm leaving the IRC until June 17th, or the day that school lets out. Some stuff happened in the IRC that I remain quite angry about, but I won't get into that. Instead, I'll talk about the second reason I'm leaving: school's tough. I have my state tests all next week, and then a presentation in front of hundreds of people on Saturday. And it only gets harder from there, as I have projects and finals in June. I can't have the IRC distracting me from the things I have to do, or I'll get another D+ like I did last quarter. Even right now I'm procrastinating on my English homework. I'll still be on the Wiki, but I can't stress this enough: please don't ask me to come to the IRC, or I'll get sucked in again. So, yeah. This is still awkward. Um...bye? :c

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