Hello, again. I'm PokemonTDHTF98, and this time, I'll tell you "Which location you did not see in the Ridonculous Race, but eager to see the next Ridonculous Race!"

What I think about is Tokyo, Japan, because I always love Anime. Let's get back to the topic, in this blog, you have to make the challenges, like Botch or Watch, Random-Botch, All-In, or Either/Or depends on what challenge you make in one of your chosen location. Here are the challenges I made from Tokyo, Japan:

  1. Botch or Watch: Eat Japanese Food.
  2. Random Botch: Whoever holds the travel tip must draw their partner in Anime style to get approved by the local of drawing Anime.
  3. All-In: Solve at least 1 Hiaku right, and then race to the chill zone.

This is a discussion blog, but which place do you want to see in the next Ridonculous Race and what challenges will they face from the bolded words and the culture itself.