Hey, guys. It's been a while since my last blog. Since we're in a few months or some like that before RR comes out, this blog will be what is your best and worst moment in TD!

Best: In World Tour, in the finale, Heather defeated Alejandro and won the million dollars, but Ezekiel stole Heather's money and fell into the volcano (Though I do hate him) but still, I'm glad Heather won the season (USA).

Worst: During and All-Star finale, the balloon challenge has got to be the worst challenge ever made. They even put the players in it and force Zoey and Mal to save them for a limited time, but Zoey save Cameron and Gwen while Mal saves Alejandro and Heather while the rest of the players stuck in the balloon to fly away.

Now you have to Pick 1 best moment and1 worst moment, so what is your best/worst moment?

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