Hey, guys. It's me again, PokemonTDHTF98 or Sherman. And this time what if we have a prediction for this cast, by me! Today, I'll show you guys the players and the team showing below.

Team 1: Zoey, Mike, Cameron, Sam, Dakota, Sammy, Ella, Jasmine, Shawn, and Brick

Team 2: Scarlett, Max, Amy, Jo, Sierra, Cody, Trent, Izzy, Heather, and Alejandro

Team 3: Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Dawn, Scott, Lindsay, Courtney, Gwen, and Topher

But here are some of the suggestions or requirements: When you have 22 players left, you must split the lowest teams (Like the first half of the lowest team will go to one different team, and the other half goes to the other team), and when you have 15 players left, you will automatically make it as a merge!

So it is a discussion blog, but what is your order of this cast (You don't have to put any reasons, but If you want to, that'l be fine). :)

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