When I was watching Twinning, which is a new game show. I was thinking what if they have twinning game show plot. I will be adding Katie and Sadie and Amy and Sammy in there because of it. And I will be adding some Ridonculous Race characters, too. Remember, there will be different design of characters, but with same plot or some like that. so I'll be adding 10 partners in, so there they are (Not all of them have interaction with his/her partner, but they do have similar interest):

1. Amy and Sammy

2. Katie and Sadie

3. Emma and Kitty

4. Mickey and Jay

5. Sierra and Topher

6. Mike and Zoey

7. Eva and Jo

8. Heather and Alejandro

9. Jasmine and Shawn

10. Cameron and Scarlett

11. Tyler and Lightning

12. Dakota and Lindsay

13. Devin and Carrie

14. Tammy and Leonard

15. Dawn and Ella

16. Bridgette and Geoff

17. Scott and Courtney

18. Noah and Cody

19. Gwen and Leshawna

20. Ryan and Stephanie

But, they will NOT be in partners. One partner will move to Team 1 and the other will move to Team 2. There will be no team winners, only 4 partner winners, and be reunited until they get separated again the next day. The winners has to pick with pair needs to go, the most votes will be going home. As your prediction, which partner do you want to be on the specific team, and the pair to leave (There will be no merge). (I give all credit to Twinning to the people who made the rules.)

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