Hey, Guys. It's me PokemonTDHTF98 or Sherman. When we have a few hours left or some more left (Depends on where you live), I would like to thank everyone, including my friends: Rose (AnonymousRose94), BatmanTDI, Ellafan4ever, Mughees J. Simpson, Aqualad124, Stryzzar, RebeccaTheSorcress, ArtDraw12, and Drfizwuzxlol. Before 2015 comes up, I'll go over each of you.

Rose: Thank you so much for helping me and everything and I'll never forget that when we first met!

BatmanTDI: Thank you for the codes and everything when I first came here, I really appreciate that!

EllaFan4ever: I'm really happy that we talked a little bit, I hope we can talk some more soon! :)

Mughees J. Simpson: I'm happy when you saw my TDI: My Version and everything. I hope we can talk some more soon. :)

Aqualad124: I'm really happy that we have some few stuff and characters that we like and other opinions, I hope we can talk some more soon. :)

Stryzzar: You are pretty funny rollback and all (Sorry if I was strict during the Dave, Sky, or Chris blog before)!

RebeccaTheSorcress: I think we have similar stuff and all, I hope we can talk some more soon! :)

ArtDraw12: I like your eliminations and You liked mines too! You were kinda funny with the Heather was eliminated early! XD

Drfizwuzxlol: I'm happy that we both like Zoey, Lindsay, Heather, Scarlett, and Bridgette! I hope we can talk some more soon! :)

And the rest of you, even though we didn't speak to each other before, it was nice to meet you all and I wish every single one of you a 2015! (Hugs all of you)


All of us as them during our countdown to 2015!:D

Anyway, My Total Drama New Year Resolution is that the Ridonculous Race would be great and everything, so here's the simple thing:

Question: What is your Total Drama New Year Resolution? :)

Note: It's a discussion blog.