Hey guys, It’s me, PokemonTDHTF98, or Sherman. My blog for this time is Dave, Sky, or Chris: Who is responsible for the Dave x Sky breakup. So let’s start with Dave.

Dave: During episode 5, Dave told Shawn that the other teams are Zombies when it’s Shawn vs. Jasmine. During that, Shawn hits Jasmine, causing to have a conflict for 4 episodes. During episode 7 at the elimination ceremony, Sky switches teams with Max and during a following episode, Jasmine tells Sky to win or lose, and Sky choose to win and threw the horn on purpose, causing Dave to get hit by meatballs. In episode 9, Sky’s attitude change when Dave talks to her, causing her to not to talk to Dave, making him heartbroken.

Sky: During episode 2, in the confessional, she said she is not here to date other guys, but to win the game. Episode 9 is really similar to Dave. In episode 13, She chooses Rodney, but Chris makes it a random helper, which makes Dave Sky’s partner. Sky then kissed Dave, but during the view of Shawn and Sky, Sky reveals to have a boyfriend, Keith, which makes Dave to have a meltdown point and tries to kill Sky in the final round, but fails.

Chris: In episode 7, at the elimination ceremony, Chris switched Max and Sky, which started a Dave and Sky conflict in episode 9, then Chris makes fun of Dave when he is heartbroken by Sky, which she stopped Chris from bullying him. In episode 13, Chris showed Dave sky’s audition tape, which Dave goes on meltdown point. Before the season ends, Chris forgets that Dave was still on the island, which Scuba Bear is with Dave when the episode ends.

It’s a discussion blog, so which one is the most responsible for Dave and Sky breakup?

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