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  • I live in Robstown, TX
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • PokemonTDHTF98

    I'm leaving

    February 23, 2016 by PokemonTDHTF98

    Yeah I know you saw this blog name. I'm thinking, and it's a tough decision, is that I'm leaving this wikia, meaning I won't be here anymore. I'm sorry for not contributing a lot in a few years is because I have a lot to do in the outside world. I have to get ready for college coming up in a few months. And get ready for the whole future of my life.

    From what I think, this show (Total Drama) will still be in my heart.

    Until then, Farewell. :(

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    Hello, again. I'm PokemonTDHTF98, and this time, I'll tell you "Which location you did not see in the Ridonculous Race, but eager to see the next Ridonculous Race!"

    What I think about is Tokyo, Japan, because I always love Anime. Let's get back to the topic, in this blog, you have to make the challenges, like Botch or Watch, Random-Botch, All-In, or Either/Or depends on what challenge you make in one of your chosen location. Here are the challenges I made from Tokyo, Japan:

    1. Botch or Watch: Eat Japanese Food.
    2. Random Botch: Whoever holds the travel tip must draw their partner in Anime style to get approved by the local of drawing Anime.
    3. All-In: Solve at least 1 Hiaku right, and then race to the chill zone.

    This is a discussion blog, but which place…

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    Hey, guys. It's been a few months since the last blog. I'm PokemonTDHTF98, and Today, I'll be talking about "What if we have another Ridonculous Race." Since the Ridonculous race is over and It's a great season, why not have another season.

    What I think about is I would love to see some Ridonculous Race players return for another chance, like Laurie and Miles, Tom and Jen, Crimson and Ennui, etc.

    I also love that Geoff was put in, I'm fine with Noah in the Ridonculous race. I use to can't stand Owen at first in the Ridonculous race, but I was neutral with him later on throughout the season. I can't even stand Leonard in it. So if they can get some few more players from Total Drama, I would love to see Katie and Sadie, Lindsay and Tyler, Scar…

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    When I was watching Twinning, which is a new game show. I was thinking what if they have twinning game show plot. I will be adding Katie and Sadie and Amy and Sammy in there because of it. And I will be adding some Ridonculous Race characters, too. Remember, there will be different design of characters, but with same plot or some like that. so I'll be adding 10 partners in, so there they are (Not all of them have interaction with his/her partner, but they do have similar interest):

    1. Amy and Sammy

    2. Katie and Sadie

    3. Emma and Kitty

    4. Mickey and Jay

    5. Sierra and Topher

    6. Mike and Zoey

    7. Eva and Jo

    8. Heather and Alejandro

    9. Jasmine and Shawn

    10. Cameron and Scarlett

    11. Tyler and Lightning

    12. Dakota and Lindsay

    13. Devin and Carrie

    14. Tammy and…

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  • PokemonTDHTF98

    Hey, This is PokemonTDHTF98, or Sherman, and this time, I'll be saying some news about me. This week, I'll be working part-time at GameStop. So I'm not going to be here very much due to that. It also might happen during my Senior year at school in a few months. Next year when I get out of school, I'll be going to college on online course. I just want to let you guys, including admins, know about this upcoming stuff.

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