Ok, so, I am like the best chat mod ever. Funny, nice, sexy, am I right? Apparently not to some people. ;3;

Warning, rant ahead

It gets really old when people try and tell me how to do my job. I wouldn't have been promoted if I DIDN'T know what I was doing. I know the rules, I know when/why to ban people, and I certainly do not ban people that annoy me or just one other person. And I know the difference between being annoying and being flat out rude. I'm not as dumb as I seem.

I don't need people (i.e., non-CM's. Admins can tell me what to do. ) telling me "Oh this person is being rude, you should ban them" or "They said a bad word. I think they're gonna be banned o3o" That's like saying, "Pinky you dumb fat idiot you're not doing your job right. I should replace you and junk oiwnetu3q4t8fyvefnioynoi." First of all, if a n00b says one banned word, you give them a nice warning that won't scare them and a link to the list of banned words, not "YOU GOIN DOOWWWWWN, TROLL. -infinite ban- WOOT PARTAY. "

To people, it's either I'm not banning someone fast enough or I'm trying to ban someone who everyone just happens to think is funny. Sorry people, but funny isn't a reason for me not to ban someone if they break the actual rules multiple times. But you can't call me a hater if I do my job correctly. Again, to some people I'm horrible at my job. Apparently I'm not cutting everyone 5 miles of slack everytime. I'm only permitted to give so many warnings before a ban is in order.

So basically I'm just saying for people to stop telling me how to do my job. Sure, a little help occasionally in the sockpuppetry field might be ok sometimes, but I don't need people telling me who to ban and why. Especially from those who had broken the rules before. It's gotten to the point where people will all "gang up" on me and it seems all they want is to see someone banned because they told a CM to ban them. I'm been chat mod for a while and I've got the rules down. End of story.

Before going all "I didn't do anything" on me, please note that I'm not pointing fingers at everyone who gets on the chat, but hey, if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.

So, yeah. My rant. Pointless AND stupid. Just like me! :D

Rant complete

...So how is everyone? ;3;

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