TDAS is airing every week on Tuesdays and every week on Tuesdays, we get the same fools who say the same things and argue with the no spoiling rule. And for the rest of the week, we get people who argue with the no rping rule. This happens every diddly darn week so I think this needs to be addressed.

"If you don't want to see spoilers then get off the chat!!!1!1!1!"

No no no no no no no no, guys. If you say this then obviously you don't understand the no spoiling rule. Everyone has their own right to be on the chat (unless they break the rules and/or were banned) and are not going to be told to leave by one little stinker. If you don't want to get kicked by spoiling, then get off the chat. 

Breaking any rule is not worth getting banned (for any length of time)

If you have been warned not to do something and understand that if you do it you'll be banned, and yet you STILL decide you're gonna do it because you "can handle a week ban", then you need to check yoself, foo. If you get banned enough times you'll be blocked permanently. 

The wiki chat isn't the place for RP.

I guess the rule is newer but yeah. There are places that you can RP but the wiki chat isn't one of them. Recently at least 2.6 billion RP wikis have been made (that's just an estimation idk i don't pay attention). Take your RP to some other chat, mmkay?

No Spoiling Policy:

I'll try to explain this the best as I can. (correct me if I'm wrong)

While the episode is airing, shut your face cavern because not all people are watching it or are going to watch it for a while and want to see it when it airs. I've heard recently thought that once the information is on the pages that it doesn't count as a spoiler. If you so much as pass gas spoileringly we are full and freaking well prepared to kick you. No spoilers. You spoil, you get kicked. If you spoil multiple times you get banned. Usually I ban for about 3 days or so. .3. For some reason this is the rule a hell of a lot of people don't fully comprehend and/or like to argue with.

Does any of this make sense? I'm sorry if I sound harsh but Jam and I run this into the ground every single week and its the same people every time. 

Carry on. :y 

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